Simple, Tasty Italian Recipes

So, over the last few weeks I’ve been working with Marks & Spencer’s to create some delicious Italian inspired recipes!

I’ve always been a big fan of Mark’s & Spencer’s, growing up it was always a treat in our household because we lived in Tipperary. Anytime we visited Dublin we’d pop in to stock up on their walnut whips…drooling as I type this thinking about them.


Simple Pasta Bowl


Our mum is probably one of their best customers and as the Principal in our primary school she always had a supply of Percy Pigs at the ready as little rewards. To say she was ecstatic when Marks & Spencer’s opened in Clonmel is an understatement. Whenever I visit home the fridge is full of delicious M&S goods – and they’re still particularly fond of the walnut whips as am I.


I love the M&S Foodhall, it’s always an easy shopping experience for me when picking up ingredients (apart from the times I get distracted by their bakery aisle and can’t decide which bread I want to get!). Their fruit and vegetables are always fresh from my experience and have lots of variations which is particularly important to me when I’m planning new dishes and want to experiment.


Mushroom,Pea & walnut bruschetta


What I loved when creating these recipes was not only using Italy as inspiration but also tying that back to using local Irish produce. I support local whenever I can and think it’s always important we are backing Irish food producers. We’re extremely lucky with the good quality we produce as a nation! So, I was beyond delighted with all the Irish produce I was able to pick up in M&S.


Easy Florentines


Having just spent a few days in Italy I had so many new dishes I wanted to recreate. Like, who doesn’t love tasty wholesome pasta dishes or homemade pizza?

The recipes I created for Marks & Spencer’s are available on the blog and include:


Mushroom,Pea & walnut bruschetta


All the recipes are healthy, affordable and tasty with a delicious Italian touch! They will leave you feeling satisfied but not too heavy (so there’s always room for a little treat afterwards!).


Pizza style oat bread


Hope you guys enjoy them. Don’t forget to tag @naturalbornfeeder and @mandsireland in your recreations!


Easy Florentines


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