Monthly Must Haves

This post is a new addition to Natural Born Feeder, I always include my monthly “Must Have” items in my Xpose magazine column, so why not here? This post is a collection of my favourite monthly buys from cookbooks,to kitchen accessories, tools, props for shooting, and food products! I will not include anything that I do not have,use or love, this is an honest post! Monthly must haves also acts as a nice gift guide for the foodie in your life, so pay attention!

1. Brita, Fill & Go.From €18.99.
Ok I will be honest originally they sent me one, but it’s actually fantastic. I loved it so much that when I lost my first one(I lose everything) I went to buy a new one that day! I’m pretty awful for drinking water, I find with working different jobs in a day in multiple locations hard to track my water intake. I have tried other filter bottles but for some reason this is the only one I get good use out of, it comes everywhere with me! Plus you are helping the environment!

2. Fresh by Donal Skehan.
Firstly Donal is probably one of the nicest people you’ll meet, but I didn’t get the book for that reason. I think Donal and I share a similar value when it comes to whole foods and making and baking from scratch particularly with this new book he shows a keen health side. Donal has lots of years of experience and travel with food, you can see these influences coming through the book with a mix of worldly flavours and variety of dishes . At €19.92, It’s a great purchase for a wide range of healthy meals with a good balance of sweet and savoury.

3. Two wooden horses, handcrafted chopping board, €40-65e.
Now I know there’s college students reading this going what would I be doing with a fancy chopping board? So its not for everyone, just yet, but if you are the type of person who has a blog or just loves taking pictures of the meals you cook, it’s important to start collecting quality food props! And this is a great investment. First of all it gets better with age, second it’s not like any other chopping board this is a unique creation and lastly you will have it for years! Have a look on the website there is handcrafted bowls, rolling pins and more to get yourself or someone a unique piece!

4. Garlic zoom,Amazon starting at €12.95.
Basically this makes crushing garlic fun. All you do is pop in a clove of garlic and wheel around the zoom- I know I sound like I’m 5! It’s just a cute kitchen tool, that’s really easy to clean and makes you want to add garlic to everything!

5. Helen James measuring spoons, Dunnes Stores €5.
Please please please , if you like cooking , baking, following recipes or even creating your own get a set of measuring spoons! Ensuring your measurements are consistent all of the time! Get a pair that are nice- matching your own personal style as you can always add them into food shots!

6. Cocofina, Coconut Oil sachets, €2.
I got mine in Down to Earth George’s St. I love when healthy food brands make things convenient! I stock up on these particularly for traveling! Handy sachets to carry around to add to smoothies, eggs, porridge and so on, perfect when you are on holidays or staying in a hotel. I know extreme I bring my own supply…..

7.Mexicorn Holders, Penneys.
How could you not buy these? I’ve already planned a Mexican themed night just around this purchase!