Get Pancake Tuesday ready!!!

Pancake Tuesday used to be my favourite day as a child even above Easter! We had a special crepe machine and I was in charge of making limitless stacks. Pancake Tuesday can go one way or another though if you’re not prepared. I’ve got plenty of pancake and crepe recipes on the blog so now it’s all about what the hell you need to know or to run out and buy to make sure you have the best Pancake Tuesday ever.

These are listed by importance!

  1. A non-stick pan (like proper non-stick). A broken pancake can ruin any morning but it’s not going to ruin this one!!
  2. A good flipper or spatula whatever you like to call it. I like to use a silicone spatula so it doesn’t scratch your lovely new pan and bends easily to lift up the edges! I use this one.
  3. Wyldsson hazelnut cocoa spread. Pancake Tuesday without Nutella is almost sinful and well when you’re like me and you avoid processed crap you need to get this nut butter it’s the answer to a chocolatey crepe with no regrets.
  4. Pancake heat! Ever go to make a batch and the first half are just right until the last few are overly brown and well, a bit burnt! If you relate you may not know the temperature switching when it comes to awesome pancakes and crepes. The longer you leave the pan on the hot setting it will get hotter and hotter (not just hot) so you need to lower the heat setting by small amounts towards the end of your batter mix to ensure the same even colouring and cooking!
  5. High temp cooking oils, don’t spoil that oil!
  6. These are a list of oils that have a smoke point which are good for cooking at high heat aka pancakes or crepes, I usually add a little to the pan (wipe any excess away and pour on that batter).
  • Almond oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Virgin olive oil

There are many other refined oils that have high smoke point here but these above are just my preference.