Venice, what can I say, you were stunning. If you haven’t been to Venice, make sure you add it to your list. For me I don’t think it’s a place I will go back as I’ve seen it all but it’s so worth going to at least once to explore and take in it’s beauty.


Yes, it is flooded with tourists but it’s such a unique city. I opted to venture out early in the mornings and in the evenings when the tourist rush had seemed to slow down – this was particularly the case when it came to food. Below I’ve also included where I stayed and some other tips that are hopefully useful!


I wanted to write a different kind of post to the regular Venice food posts online, so this isn’t where you’ll find the most glutinous pizza or best cheesy lasagne instead it’s where you can find vegetarian and vegan options because this is something I struggled with and I couldn’t find a huge amount of information about it.


Now just because it’s veggie it does not mean it’s not tasty or delicious so do add them to your list. As a note there is a huge number of restaurants and cafes in Venice that serve grilled veg plates but if you’re sick of that (it can get boring fast) then try these:



They offer a wide variety for all types of eaters so it’s great if you’re travelling with someone or a group who isn’t vegan or vegetarian. They have plenty of meat and fish options to choose from. I’d recommend the pumpkin flan or courgette almond lasagne! Do book in advance. I tried to get a walk in booking the second they opened but I had no luck, so we came back for lunch. It’s in a lovely area that’s a bit more local than the touristy spots!



Bio organic and home cooked – it’s a really lovely little spot and a nice place to pause and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Venice. It’s reasonably priced too, I went for the pumpkin lasagne. They also cater for coeliacs. Do book in advance for dinner, they accept walk ins for lunch.


La Tecia Vegana

This spot is 100% vegan. I actually only got dessert there as we couldn’t get a table so went close by for dinner and returned for a cheeky tiramisu – it was divine! So again, do book in advance!



This isn’t Italian however, if you’re looking for a change up of cuisine on your stay I recommend this place for a delicious vegan middle eastern plate full of hummus, falafel, aubergines and more. It also has a non-veggie options on the menu for your other half or friends! It’s rally well priced too and in a quiet area which is nice for a change!


Bakery VgOlosoa

You need to get some sweet treats from this place, add it to your itinerary and go grab cookies, balls and tarts! They also do offer sandwiches, small plates and homemade pasta!


Where we stayed:

Hotel Danieli



  • A lot of places only take cash tip so bring cash/ change!
  • Go early when places open before the small restaurants become overwhelming!
  • Always make bookings: it’s extremely busy so book restaurants before your trip – if you’re veggie you’ll want to have a plan!