The Hike Life Croagh Patrick, April 14th


Hello Hikers, 

I’m really looking forward to this hike up over in Mayo. My only memory of Croagh Patrick to date is when I did sea to summit a good few years back and I can’t wait to take it a little slower, enjoy the views and be able to chat.

I have a Fantastic crew of guides helping for this walk, the guys over at Westport Walking Tours will be showing us the way!

This hike is limited to 40 people and sign up will be live Monday( tomorrow) evening at 8pm over on Event brite.

 I have to stress that this hike is strenuous so please only sign up if you have very good levels of fitness and you hike regularly. 

NOTICE; This hike is weather dependant. Conditions have been bad lately and as responsible hikers if the weather is not right my guides and I will have to make a call- hopefully weather will be good but we will keep everyone updated via social media and once you have a registered ticket via email. 

Here are a few key things you need to know before signing up.

Start time; 9 am 

Meeting point; Croagh Patrick Car Park ( foot of the mountain)

Hike duration; 3.5 hours

Hike Length; 7 km , 764m in height 


Path; The path is uphill from the start and is a nice wide hard surface but as we get closer to the top there is a lot of loose stone and the path is very steep, something to consider if you don’t feel comfortable with a MOVING SURFACE. 

Parking;There is limited parking available on site however make sure all valuables are out of the car, cost is approx. 3 euro in coins.


  • Appropriate footwear 
  • hiking boots, 
  • walking shoes, 
  • rain gear,
  • water,
  • snacks,
  • change of socks and shoes. 

Dogs;NOT ALLOWED, sorry Willay you’re being left behind for this one. Only dogs allowed on this hike are guide dogs. 

Some other bits to know;

Before walking the mountain it’s nice to know a little back round. It is Ireland “Holiest” mountain, one which hosts a pilgrimage every year in honour of our patron Saint Patrick after he fasted on the top for 40 days in 441AD. 

After that the other most important thing you need to know is that this mountain will humble you. 

The walk is fantastic but it’s important to keep alert, the wind are felt up high, take in the views but be careful to keep your footing. 


Is there a cost to attend? No. These are free to encourage people to get out in nature,meet new people and discover new trails.

Can I come alone? Yes of course, loads of people come solo. The whole point of these hikes is to have a group when you want to get out walking but none of your friends will go with you or perhaps you’ve just moved here and you want to meet people with similar interests.

Do I need to sign up? Yes, this will be linked tomorrow evening at 8pm through event brite.

How will I know where to meet the group? I will always post a meeting point prior to the hike with a specific time. You can’t miss the group.

Do I have to be fit? This depends on the hike, each hike will have it’s own separate post which will give a guide on the difficulty level.

Can Kids come? Of course, but ensure the walk is suitable for their ability as some may be strenuous. You know your Childs abilities better than me so depending on their fitness levels you can decide which hike suits best.

Do I need hiking boots? This also depends on the walk, most often good walking shoes are fine however I do not recommend runners with no grip, paths can be muddy and slippy so for your own comfort dress appropriately.