2-Ingredient Brownie Truflles

An easy treat made in minutes. I started making these for parties or family occasions and they have been such a hit! I love the brownie shots from foods of Athenry but I had never used them before in a recipe. I created this recipe in collaboration with my peanut butter favourites- Manhattan! I opted for smooth here as it gives a nicer texture and is far easier to roll. Your hands will get a bit sticky when rolling, but sure thats the fun of baking !

Serves 16

Cooks in 5 Minutes


3 (120g) bags foods of Athenry brownie shots
6 tbsp. Manhattan Smooth peanut butter

150g dark chocolate


In a food processor add the brownie shots and peanut butter and blend until la dough forms- it will feel a bit weird but it should stick together when rolled into a ball.If you are finding it tricky use a small ice cream scoop to make he truffles.
Make 16 balls and place them on a tray in the freezer set for 15 minutes before coating.
Melt the dark chocolate and using a fork and a spoon coat the balls placing them back on a tray into the freezer to set for 15 minutes or until they are hard.