THE HIKE LIFE Christmas walk, Ticknock December 1st.

Hello guys, Can you believe we are on the last hike of 2019? We have hiked 25 summits over the part 18 months and we are ending the year in one of my favourite spots close to the city centre. Since its a Christmas hike I will be doing a festive giveaway of my book and hat for the best Christmas jumper :). The Hike is limited to 100 people which will require registration (FREE) through which will go live Sunday night (Sunday 24th) at 8 pm here. I have covered the costs for great guides so I hope you don’t mind If I asked everyone who is coming along to bring a €10 or donation ( or whatever you want) for Focus Ireland this festive season, if you could please- there will be a donation box at the starting point- cheers!

Meeting Point; Ticknock forest Carpark, top barrier

Google map; Ticknock forest 

Carpark; No fee but limited spaces so try carpool and arrive early to ensure you get a space.

Start time; 9 am Sharp (please arrive 15 minutes prior)

Duration; 1hr 45 minutes

Length; 6km 

Elevation; 444ft

Difficulty; easy- Moderate. 

Dogs are allowed, I would recommend keeping your dog on a lead if you do not have effective control to avoid your dog getting lost with the large group (we do not want that!). I would also advise bringing a dog poo bag, as there are no bins on this trail so bring something to carry your full up dog bags in- NICE.

 Equipment needed; 

• Hiking Boots.
• Raingear
• Water
• SPF- even if it’s not sunny!
• Spare pair of sock/clothes/shoes for after- you don’t need to carry these but have them ready for your return. 
• Determination! Oh and CASH for donation.

Some other bits to know;
The walk is fantastic but it’s important to keep alert, the winds are felt up high, take in the views but be careful to keep your footing. 
Also, PLEASE ensure your car is locked and you DO NOT leave anything valuable in there.
Lastly, on these walks we like to practice the principle of “leave no trace” so anything we bring up with us must also come down with us, food wrappers, bottles, even banana peel!

By registering to this event, you acknowledge and agree to the below; 
I acknowledge that this activity in which I am participating, involves risks. I hereby release the organiser (Roz Purcell) from all claims of personal injury, property damage, illness which may occur from food, causes of action or claims of any kind arising from my participation. I agree to pay the cost of my emergency evacuation of my person or belongings that may be necessary. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of this activity, its length, duration and degrees of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate. I have no medical or other condition which might preclude my participation.
The Lead Guide may require or advise an individual, or individuals, to abort an ascent, refrain from continuing / return to starting point if they believe that a person or person’s health is at risk, if a person is not coping, or may not cope, with the technical, physical or mental demands of the activity/course, if an illegal act has been or may be committed, or conduct is, may become, or has been, detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group as a whole or of any individual within the group.