The BEST of NYC for a Natural Born Feeder

The BEST of NYC for a Natural Born Feeder

Well, if New York wasn’t just bloody great enough I think I’ve found some of my ultimate favourite food places and workout classes! Returning to NYC was a bit of nostalgic considering I lived there when I was 20, the last time I was in NYC I had a very different relationship with food and I was so happy to return with a completely different approach and a balanced outlook aka I could actually enjoy my meals 🙂 All of you that follow me on social know how much I love to dive into the fitness and health food culture of every city I visit. Along with tonnes of suggestions I received online from all you guys (thank you again) and a little bit of research, like Yelp App (which I love for travelling) & MINDBODY for training, I think I managed to compile a pretty damn good list! Obviously, my choice below is also down to my order so I’ve included what I got in each place so you make the right decision 🙂


Best breakfast & Coffee Little Collins

So, this is not in the typical food trendy area of lower Manhattan but it’s right next door to Central Park, the Natural History Museum is only a short walk away along with MOMA & Met. If you like Avo on toast this was the best I had and I’m not going to lie I’m a bit of a connoisseur at this stage- I had mine topped with an egg and their cured salmon (of course I did). I’m a fan of a bit of yolk porn and their cured salmon was the best you’ll taste! They also ticked the box in the best coffee department – serving up awesome almond flat whites, regular filter and homemade infused iced teas. Now it is a small venue so be prepared to sit on a high stool and have a quick breakie, it’s not somewhere to kind of leisurely sit for ages and people watch (but to be honest it’s more the atmosphere of NYC you just don’t want to sit still for too long anyway) I really recommend this place as a pre-Central Park/museum food stop. The menu is small, simple & well priced – great for indecisive people eh?….


Need to Know

  • It was one of the best priced breakfast spots we found all breakfast options are under 10$.
  • No WIFI
  • Instagram @littlecollinsnyc
  • Opening times: Mon- Fri 7am – 5pm Sat-Sun 8am – 4pm

 Little Collins


Best brunch Jack’s Wife Freda

It seems like almost everyone on my NYC post suggested this place for breakfast or brunch and it didn’t disappoint! I went for the Mediterranean plate it was a nice mix of textures and just the right amount to fill me up it was light but satisfying. The Lafayette branch is small but fits tonnes of people – be prepared to be close to your neighbours which is the case in most NYC joints. Great spot to go before a shopping spree if you like street wear and want to find high end boutique shops. Good amount of Veggie options and the waiters seemed to be used to changing around dishes to suit your needs.


Need to know

  • No WIFI
  • 2 locations both in Lower Manhattan
  • Mon – Sat 8am – midnight Sun 8am – 10pm
  • Walk in type place but you can also reserve online
  • Instagram @jackswifefrieda
  • My breakfast 13$
  • Menu 10-22$


Jack’s wife Freda

Best Dinner Clover Café

Omg I can’t recommend this place enough I had the best meal of my life, well one of them! I found this place while stalking my friend who lives in NYC (@flexxinthecity ) who loves training and eating well- so I had to go. It’s in a really nice area of the city which is much quieter and a really good spot for people watching out on their tabled patio) Its really chilled and one of the few places you could dine for hours and relax. The menu is based on local, seasonal and fresh ingredients and health conscious. I ordered the octopus to start- I swear for those of you who are wary of octopus just give it a go it’s so delicious followed by the best salmon for my main! The nibbles they brought out to start were these dehydrated seeded crisps and a sweet potato dip- it was a really nice change from a typical bread basket! The main meals are a good size in that’s they are not typical American oversize dishes but more European however you are left satisfied and nicely full so don’t worry you won’t be hungry leaving!

I managed to resist dessert – I saved my sweets for ice cream (below) and dark chocolate 🙂 in the mega Lindt store – their new Cacao Nib bar is insane btw! It’s also next door to clover Grocery store if you love wandering around foreign supermarkets like me.


Need to Know

  • WIFI available
  • Instagram @clovernewyork
  • Expensive enough starters around 19$
  • Mains around 32$
  • Times vary so check online
  • Walk-ins are typical but we booked for dinner


Clover Café


Best Lunch The Butchers Daughter in West Village

So in a day you plan on doing the highline make sure you fuel up here first! The perfect lunch spot to get a bowl of goodness and people watch in such a nice area of the city- have a stroll around Greenwich Village! Only 5-10 min walk to the beginning of the highline it makes total sense for pre-food, right?

They have an option of 4-5 salads which can all be adapted to suit your requirements, their breakfast menu also looks pretty mouth-watering if you happen to go early. I went for the spicy kale Caesar salad with tempeh-which was so-so good! The tempeh was delicious so I recommend that as your topping on salads. I also ordered one of their hot tonics- lemon, ginger & honey and if that was anything to go by their others will probably be just as fresh!


Need to Know

  • WIFI available
  • Staff and service were super-fast.
  • Instagram @thebuthcersdaughter_official
  • Lunch 10-16$
  • Breakfast 8-13$
  • Times vary- seems to be open all day which menu changes between breakfast/lunch/dinner


The Butchers Daughter


Best Eggs Two Hands in Tribeca 

I’m a massive egg fan as you have all probably guessed by now! These scrambled eggs were Aussie style and mind blowing! Served up on toasted sourdough it was the best pit stop we made by far, and if I had one dish to go back to in NYC, it would be this!
If you want to opt for a sweet option Try the banana bread smothered in their espresso mascarpone spread it’s pretty sexy (you might want to share though cause it’s dense but I could probably manage one myself) Suggestion- order the eggs and share the banana bread with your friends for after! The staff are all super sound and good craic- sit at the bar for sure to have the chats!

Good cocktails (ya I know I went for breakfast but sure you’re on HolidayJ )
Nearby (well 10 min walk exactly) to the World Trade Centre Memorial so it’s the perfect location for a touristy fuel break.


Need to Know

  • WIFI available!
  • Insatgram @twohandsnyc
  • Has 2 locations including Nolita
  • Mon – Sun 8am-10pm
  • No need to reserve (unless it’s for dinner)
  • Breakfast 6-16$
  • Breakfast and lunch menu until 4 pm!



Best Ice Cream Van Leeuwens Vegan Ice-Cream

It was so humid ice cream was my only friend- if you love ice cream and even if you’re not vegan make sure to check this place out they have artisan traditional ice cream too!

The have shop locations and scoop trucks, I really recommend the Vegan coffee with peanut butter Brittle, turmeric and get one of their vegan cookie ice cream sandwich with cookie crumble strawberry jam. Ok basically get everything here and you won’t be disappointed!


Need to Know

  • Very Instagramable – you also need to check out their Instagram for some serious ice cream Porn @vanleeuwenicwecream
  • Inexpensive



Best Vegan Meal Le Botaniste


Their tag line says it all “The beauty salon for your insides”
Once again this is up near Central Park Upper East Side- nice area to walk around and maybe a lunch spot after you go rowing in Central Park or get a comical caricature like me. This place has a really nice menu, their salads are a bit raw and very healthy looking 🙂 but their hot pots are to die for- I got the Vegan Chilli with quinoa and seeded avocado, I also tried their Peanut Curry with brown rice which was really tasty. Another fantastic element to the menu was their homemade lemonades with fresh fruit and sweetened with agave- perfectly refreshing.  The venue was small but spacious seating and the back has a nice little hide away from the busy streets of NYC.


Need to Know

  •  Moderately priced – worth visiting if you are searching for a great vegan meal.
  • They’re starting to open more restaurants down lower Manhattan so keep an eye out for further branches.
  • Helpful staff and really fast service
  • No WIFI
  • Instagram @le_botaniste
  • Inexpensive large bowls costing 14$
  • Walk-ins


new york food


Best Workout Tone House


(And I tired loads from Dogpound boxing gym, flybarre, fhitting room, Barrys and SLT (which was a close second).

Well if you think you’re fit and strong test yourself at tone house! Train like an athlete is their motto and they’re not joking around. I signed up for the TH101 class aka the beginner class which I was slightly annoyed at because I didn’t want to do a beginner class but praised god once I was in the middle of it that I only did beginner- the only difference really of the TH101 and regular is that’s the instructors just take a little more time to explain what’s happening which I recommend you do so you don’t get overwhelmed!

It’s a combination of sprints, explosive movements and endurance. Yep all that mashed into one killer 60-minute class where you train as a team, which really helps you to not give or up slow down. You’re encouraged to act like a team by supporting and pushing each other – so if you’re not into embracing a team atmosphere this is probably not for you. I have to say I got really into it 😂 bear crawls, line sprints, hurdles into burpees, slider runs…. test yourself and feel some serious DOMs!
I went back twice because it was such a good blast!


Need To know

  • Classes are super expensive in NYC so you’re looking at 40$ but most classes are around this price in NYC
  • You can get a rookie class pass if it’s your first time which is 2 classes for 40$!
  • Sign up online
  • Instagram @tonehouse
  • 2 locations
  • Great changing & showering facilities
  • Easy to find premises with a cycling studio and free weights gym (located in basement)
  • Free WIFI
  • Towels available
  • Great music and sound trainers