The Best 5 Breakfast/Brunch Spots in Seminyak, Bali.

Well what an adventure the past couple of weeks have been, I spent my Christmas eating my way around Bali to find the best of the best eateries. In fact I found so many cool places I have broken my post up into breakfast/lunch and dinner spots. Now like every café recommendation this is based on what I ordered, I do have to say I was very lucky on this trip as we had a big group which meant we ordered almost everything so I got to sample more than usual. Below, I have added a recommended dish to order in each pit stop. There were loads of other really popular places I ate at but didn’t make the list because in comparison it just didn’t cut it. One thing I noticed about Bali is that all the cafes are killing it with their instagram game so don’t be fooled by a big following or good photos. I hope this list helps all future feeders heading to Seminyak!  I’ve also added some places I didn’t get a chance to visit but were on my list to check out – if you get there make sure to mail me and give me your review.


Neon Palms

We were kind of lucky with this place because it was situated right beside our villa. The café itself is hidden in the fact that it’s on the first floor above the “Bali Boat Shed” clothing store, (which by the way is gorgeous, I got a killer surf suit there). I don’t think we ventured into the café until day 3 or 4 ,we were a bit dubious by the amount of bloggers taking pics on the benches outside we kind of thought it was one of those places, pretty but no substance with average food. But boy were we wrong! One day after too much sun where the energy had been zapped out of us we decided to stay local and try it out….. best decision of the holiday. We ended up eating there 5 times, twice for breakfast, once for lunch and once for dinner and once for dessert and cocktails. The café itself is an interior dream with popping pastel prints, pattern tiles, baby blue bar stools and every corner is instagrammable, even the toilets! On a side note it’s also the perfect spot to sit and people watch from above. The café was one of the quietest we came across, most likely because the shop front wasn’t on ground level but this was a blessing, a hidden gem, no queues and quick service. The staff were exceptionally polite and accommodating to any special menu requests.




Savoury – Halloumi Avocado Toast.


Sweet – Banana pancakes


Avg cost per breakfast dish; €5-6


Brunch – Fish tacos are a must (only €2 euro per taco!)


Opening hours

Mon – Sun 8am – Midnight


Instagram @neonpalmsbali





Ok I’m warning you now, this café is kind of like stepping into an episode of Black Mirror! Kynd is the hub location of all the bloggers fighting over the best lighting for the perfect Instagram shot… but people posing aside, they make really good food. The café is fully vegan with a large & creative menu to keep even the most hard-line meat eater satisfied. The café has plenty of seating, so there wasn’t a waiting time but I can imagine at peak times there may be a possibility of having to queue .The café layout is open with lots of room between tables, every corner donning its own picture perfect moment. They are known for their personalised smoothie bowls (note; only available during quiet times)  I was really sceptical walking in but I left with a happy tummy and a bag of their homemade granola – it’s delicious. They have a Kynd Creamery next door which sells their granola, steel straws, vegan gelato and merchandise. I would recommend checking it  out after you’ve eaten.




Sweet – Berry Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Einstein Toast (vegan Nutella)


Savoury – Big Boss Breaky


Avg. Cost per dish €4-5


Opening hours

Mon – Sun6am – 5pm (breakfast & lunch)


Instagram @kyndcommunity


Nalu Bowls

You guys know I love my acai bowls! If you remember I basically spent my entire LA trip in Backyard Bowls. I love them and you know what? I make it my mission to find the best ones wherever I go. I am not easy to win over. Acai bowls may seem like a simple dish but to get them just right is hard so kudos Nalu you’ve hit the nail on the head delivering a creamy cold bowl! Nalu only does smoothie bowls so you know when a place only does one thing it’s got to be good! The bowls arrive in coconut bowls which are small so just an FYI if you’re like me you might want to have a little snack for after or try out two bowls. The menu is small but once everyone wants a smoothie there’s a flavour for everyone.

Each Nalu bowls Café is designed like a beach hut, so whether you’re out by the surfers in Uluwatu or in the chaos of Seminyak you can sit by the counter and escape the madness.

If you’re in Uluwatu you can watch the monkeys jump from the rooftops, we witnessed a monkey try steal some snacks – one after my own heart but note; keep your things safe these guys know what they’re doing. Each Nalu bowls differs slightly but each have that relaxed exotic shack vibe going on.




Acai Bowl – Maverick, Peanut Lover & J-Bay Bowl


Price avg; €4-5.50


Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 7.30AM -6PM


Instagram @nalubowls


Loft Café

One of my favourite Cafes based on the interior, atmosphere and menu. The café is well known among travel blogs but it deserves another mention. It manages to make really simple food taste better than ever. The café has a cool industrial Scandinavian style with big open spaces, somewhere you could get lost in time and chat with friends.

We visited the newest Loft in Uluwatu which was jaw dropping but they have a closer cafe In Canguu just 15 minutes down the road from Seminyak, which looks equally stunning.

The menu is large and caters for everyone so there is no fear you or your mates won’t find something you’ll want. The café is popular as its been acknowledged by many sites for being one of the best therefore I suggest if you’re heading to the Canguu café to book in advance whereas Uluwatu seemed easier to just walk in. In most cases I recommend people to look at a cafes Instagram to see each dish before ordering but here I honestly think you could just end up wanting everything, they have a way of making their food look mouth-watering.




Savoury – Vegan Breakie


Sweet – Protein Bowl


Note; also makes great acai bowls.


Avg cost per dish € 4


Opening hours

Mon – Sun 6.30AM -10PM


Instagram @theloftbali




Before I start I have to give this café the award for best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.


A flexitarian café ‘a person following a vegan diet but now and again includes non-vegan foods’! The menu here is a perfect size and takes on traditional dishes making them veggie friendly. The ‘bola’ in the name refers to the Indonesian word for Ball, hence they have loads of vegan ball options to bulk up your bowls or salads. They have created a range of their own faux meats which actually tasted really good. I think this café would be the ideal place for a meat eater who doesn’t believe vegan food can taste just as good. If you check out the cafes Instagram you will be greeted with the most Instagramable food you’ll ever see. Similar to Kynd I was a bit wary at first, but they don’t compromise on taste and I think they are just playing the game every other café is in Bali – making it blogger central and why not? It does get people in the door. I have to say I find the majority of my food spots while travelling through Instagram. Anyway, back to the food! It’s delicious, simple and inventive. The café is vibrant and in a way kind of makes fun of itself with a slogan wall’ oops not another Insta- wall’ but the one you’ll see most in pictures is the ‘Balifornia Dreaming” slogan…décor aside it’s a nice spot. Good grub and an inspiring menu to any food bloggers out there.




Sweet – The Frenchie

Savoury – Cornfields


Lunch – Faux Chicken Nuggets with sweet potato fries.


Avg cost; €6 per dish


Opening hours

Mon – Sun 8.30 AM -10PM




Note; Café CARTEL is nice for coffee and beside a great Open gym I went to called Soham. Along with Café Organic which is nice for a smoothie on the go although my friend recommended the lovers pancakes for sit down too.


Places I never made it to but were recommended to me (mostly in Canguu)

I am Vegan Babe

Motion Café

Strawberry fields

Shady Shack


Plant Cartel