My Top 5 Essential Skincare Products

I found myself rooting through bags of skincare while packing for my recent trip away, it was almost like an episode of ‘The weakest link’, there was a maybe pile, why do I even have that pile and then my go to essentials. This decision making made me realise what products I would toss and what ones I would really vouch for. By the end of my skin care mutiny it was whittled down to only 5 products, yes 5! When it comes to skincare it’s very personal so what works for me may not suit you and it really does come down to trial and error. Now my skin care has changed and will continue to change with my skin I’m always looking out for recommendations and keeping a close eye on my skin health. I have been so fortunate to have been given a lot of advice about my skin and able to test out a range of brands from years of modelling but not everyone gets that chance so here I am giving my skin care guidance, none of which is sponsored by the way.


Note*For me I see products as being the cherry on top to my skin care routine what comes first is hydration, cleaning my face after wearing make-up, ,protecting it from the sun and limiting trigger foods that cause my outbreaks(eg. Alcohol) I also get microdermabrasion done every 2-3 months when I can.



Skin Ceuticals Phlorentin CF.

I love this product it’s not a typical oily serum its much lighter and has a very distinctive smell( that I’ve somehow grown to like it). I was recommend this by one of the girls I go to for microdermabrasion in Renew Clinic , it was the one product she swears by and after almost 3 years of using it, so do I. Why I use it? To help protect my skin from free radical damage caused by sun and pollution. The serum also enhances SPF protection when used with my image daily. But not only that I am convinced it makes my skin tighter and brighter.

Applied first thing in the morning( after training)


Image Daily SPF ( 32+ oil free )

Well there’s no surprise this made the list, I have spoken a lot about this product over the past 5-6 years. I know we may think all SPFs are built the same but I think you’d agree after using image daily that is just not true. It’s the first sunscreen I’ve found that even when I wear it training or sweating it doesn’t sting my eyes. The SPF also acts as an amazing primer underneath foundation for a glowy fresh look that smells divine.



Bare Minerals skin longevity & eye gel cream

I am a newbie to this brand (for their skincare) I was recently introduced via a press trip back in September and fell in love. All the skincare products are natural ,free from any sort of crap but most impressively they really work. I love this night time serum, I use a light layer before bed along with the eye gel. I find after using these the next morning my skin looks fresh and dewy.I do have to admit I avoided eye creams and gels up until a few months ago. I’m not sure why? I think I presumed they were some sort of coy however after I was politely suggested I should start using one from a beautician recently I hope I was wrong and that they really work!



Image Vital C hydrating repair Crème

My skin in general is normal but I go through periods of dry skin whether it’s from travelling, the cold weather at home, or just being a little over worked. This crème is the ultimate hydrating potion to bring your face back to life, the tasty orange smell alone will wake you up. I lather this on whenever I feel my skin needs a plump or a little bit of life, which at the moments seems like every day but usually at home I pop it on every second day.



Extra; I love a good mask especially after flying to reawaken my skin, I have been loving the “Love Beauty and Planet” sheet mask