Takeaway Healthy Food Guide

With the New Year comes new resolutions, typically to eat more healthily and become more active. And while going to your nearest boot camp and following a healthy diet is bang in trend, let’s be honest it’s sometimes really hard!


When it comes to being healthy I always remind myself that you don’t have to be good 100% of the time. We’re human and you’re only setting yourself up for failure being strict 100% of the time. Finding a balance is vital and it’s far more sustainable for the long term. It will also help avoid you completely bingeing out on unhealthy food and derailing your whole healthy eating plans altogether (it’s happened to us all)!


With food and achieving good health, I opt for whole foods. There’s no magic trick, just replenishing your body full of fantastic things. I avoid processed goods where possible. Foods that have aspartame and additives I can’t even pronounce – they’re a big no!


By choosing meals packed with nutrients it can help make sure your body is functioning well. As much as I love cooking and baking, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to prepare meals from scratch with my work schedule. So I’ve decided to share a post on my top healthy takeaways meals for days when I don’t have time to cook meals (and I want to stay in my sweats and relax on the couch). Thanks to Deliveroo there’s lots of healthy options available when it comes to takeaways.


When ordering takeaways, I like to know the ingredients in each dish and the quality to ensure the food I’m eating is nutritious and full of health benefits, so I’ve listed my favourites below based on this.


Most of you will know that I LOVE pancakes! They are such a treat for me and are healthy (when you order the right ones). Eathos serve delicious buckwheat pancakes as part of their breakfast offering and guess what? You can order them for breakfast and get them delivered right to your door with Deliveroo. The pancakes are served with fresh winter berries, flaxseed, cacao nibs, white mulberries, bee pollen and coconut yogurt. And with all those toppings, this is a breakfast that will keep you full for hours. Buckwheat is also great for digestion so a great way to start the day.


For lunch, I love Cocu. They serve up some delicious healthy tasty salads. One of my favourites is their super salad which is full of flavor. The salad is made up of mint peas, broccoli, courgetti, quinoa, feta and beansprouts. I usually opt for a minty yoghurt dressing to serve with it on the side. When I’m on a job I usually get this salad delivered to me with Deliveroo to keep me on track.


Cocu Salad


When it comes to dinner, especially with the colder temperatures I usually go for something hearty while still ensuring it’s a meal packed with nutrients. Recently I ordered the lamb, chickpea and aubergine curry from Fallon & Byrne and it was so satisfying. In the curry there is onions, garlic, cuman, lemongrass, chickpea, aubergine, lamb stock, and lamb and it’s so good!  I love Irish lamb as it’s a great source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 – all to help battle fatigue when you have a busy lifestyle.


Lamb Tangine


I ordered a meal bundle so it came with grilled Mediterranean vegetable (that were made with made some olive oil, thyme and rosemary) and a flourless chocolate tart (yes, chocolate tart, it’s all about balance after all). I love something sweet after a meal sometimes so the chocolate tart was such a nice treat. It’s made with chocolate, eggs, milk, and cocoa powder – so a lot better than most chocolate desserts.


When it comes to snacks, here are my top picks.


I train every day and lead a pretty active life (Wilko keeps me on my toes) so I like to be ready and have snacks to hand to keep me fueled it also stops me from over eating at meal times.


In the mornings, I love the aloe booster shot from Pog which is just pure aloe-vera gel with lemon. Aloe Vera gel is crammed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers.


Protein balls are a super snack following a gym session if you’re not eating straight away. Green Beards Juicery offer a selection of expresso flavoured balls (in case you need an extra caffeine kick) and normal protein balls. The expresso balls are made with coaco nibs, coffee, cashews, dates, almonds. And, the protein balls ingredients include maca, cashews, coconut, Himalayan salt, and dates. All to help beat the dreaded midday slump!


And, the best thing with all of the above is that you can get them delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo. So, there really isn’t any excuse to stay on track with your healthy eating plans this year 🙂 #Deliveroo


*This is a sponsored blog post