September Monthly Must Haves

Here is a blog post about all the things I got this month and loving. It’s a complete mixture from food related stuff to beauty to pet stuff!


1. Obeo Food Waste Boxes

So, I clearly spend most of my time in the kitchen baking or cooking and go through lots of food waste. I’m always trying to get better at recycling and separating my food waste and making simple small changes that will make a different to the environment. One thing that drives me crazy with food waste, like vegetables skins or banana skins, is the smell and leakage – the amount of bins I have picked up and walked with to then notice them leaking on me! However, since discovering Obeo waste boxes this has all changed 🙂  I have them handy on my kitchen table when food prepping and everything goes straight in it for convenient food waste recycling and there is no smell or leaks – winning!

2. Clearspring Authentic Japanese Range

I got sent these new Clearspring authentic Japanese umami pastes – one with ginger, one with chilli – that are delicious and they are both vegan. I tried both flavours and it’s hard to pick my favourite. They are great to have in the fridge to add some serious flavour to your dishes. They can be used as a marinade or in a salad dressing or simply add a tablespoon to a stir fry. I usually opt to make my own sauces but must admit these are handy to find in the fridge when your caught for time and want to avoid really sugary pre-made sauces.

3. Pooch Post

I love these more than Wilko does, I think 🙂 It’s such a cool idea. Every month, Wilko receives a little package including items like, treats, toys, dog biscuit making kits, dental information and health leaflets for your dog, you name it. It definitely gets Wilko’s seal of approval!

4. Sowans

I received a delicious Sowans hamper recently full of great products for baking. Sowans is an Irish company (always good to support local when possible!). I’v been using lots of their wholegrains range such as their tricolour quinoa, toasted buckwheat and millet recently. Good quality ingredients are really important to me and trust me, you definitely notice the difference when cooking or baking – so far, I’m finding this range super and definitely worth trying out.

PS. If you’re coming to my NBF Afternoon Tea in Limerick on October 23rd you will find some Sowans treats in the goodie bags!

5. Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious Nut Butters

Of course I took full advantage at WellFest this year and checked out all the amazing stalls after my cooking demo. While there I came across Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious Nut Butter Range – these are epic! They’re 100% natural activated and roasted nut butters – I will forever have an obsession with nut butters. They are also gluten, sugar and dairy free too which is important when you eat loads like me. Definitely try the pecan & date butter 🙂

6.  FLABYRINTH By Jules Coll

Go read this book! The book follows Jules’ journey as she undergoes weight-loss surgery and how she transformed her body and life, morphing from 19 stone and a size 22 to 10 stone and a size 10. As described on the book it’s a funny and uplifting story of Jules’ quest to leave body insecurity behind. I loved reading every minute of it.

7. Dr. Coy’s organic vegetable bouillon

Unfortunately the weather has started to change (daily – Monday was cold and today was mild?!) anyway, since the temperatures have dropped and we are approaching the colder evenings I love making hot pots, soups and cottage pie.

I always use Dr. Coy’s organic vegetable bouillon when making any of the above! What’s great is there is no starch, glutamate (MSG), sugar or yeast in the bouillon and it’s packed full of flavour.

8. ISPCC Shield Campaign

This year, I am involved in the ISPCC Shield Campaign against bullying. Jamie Heaslip and I got behind this great initiative to raise awareness and launch the campaign. To support the campaign, pick up an ISPCC bangle in Penneys nationwide. DO IT!