#RipebyRoz Coffee Truffles

So, today I launched Ripe by Roz.

Ripe is a young, vibrant & ethically cool beauty brand. I’m so excited to introduce my first line of beauty products in the form of unique body scrubs.


Ripe by Roz duo


As you know, my food ethos is whole foods for a whole life and I really felt that should be same when it comes to beauty products and looking after your skin. I wanted to create scrubs using the same ingredients that I use to make delicious meals in the kitchen.


For my coffee scrub, the ingredients are pretty much the same ingredients I used to make these insanely tasty truffles. For the recipe, click here

Coffee Truffles


Hope you love my new beauty range as much as I do!

#RipebyRoz #FeelsSoRipe