Pimp out your Porridge

For those of you who like your oats plain & made with water…. Kudos. I just couldn’t stomach it! I like to enjoy my food and feel that every bite should be full with flavour!

For those of you who have been told repeatedly just how good porridge is for you but would rather skip breakfast or chew cardboard, I may have some simple solutions to help you stomach that goodness.

Rather than being ‘healthy’ having your porridge but lacing it with honey, candied nuts, jams, syrups you name it…

I’ve got 5 fast & simple ways to make your average water based porridge taste like a treat but still keeping that über healthy conscious in order!

Protein porridge
1 scoop whey protein powder into your porridge whilst its cooking when its just about finished). Strawberry flavour is my favourite!Its my top choice for people on the go and tastes like a dessert!

Vita coco your porridge!
Soak overnight in vitacoco or any other coconut water …. If you soak it over night and add just a little more coconut water the next morning it should only take about 1-2 mins in the microwave, perfect for a rushing breakfast! Porridge made with coconut water has no need for any other sweetness! I usually soak it with goji berries they soak up the water and get all juicy!

Tropical Porridge
Coconut oil and shredded coconut, simple as stirring in a spoonful of each can make your boring porridge a bit more tropical! Not everyones cup of tea but if you like coconut you should give it a go!

Just like Caramel sauce!
Blend 3 medjool Dates, 2 tbsp of almond milk and tsp raw cocoa powder and melt over a low heat. It can literally turn even the most boring of meals into a bowl licking experience! You can refrigerate this in a jar overnight too.

Festive porridge
Over the holidays I was thinly slicing Brambly apples and sautéeing them on a pan in coconut oil and cinnamon. Remove them when they are golden brown and have softened completely. Stir into your porridge – don’t forget the juices!