October Monthly Must Haves


If you’re looking for fresh fish or want to pick up something precooked for dinner, this is the place to go. I love going out to Dun Loaghaire and bring Wilko for a walk and then go and pick up some delicious goods from Cavistons. They’re Cajun salmon fillets are delicious and they have a range of fresh salads to choose from.


Camille Thai

For a limited time only, Camille Thai are offering a healthy takeaway meal I created specifically for them. Following my trip to Thailand I wanted to create a clean pad Thai recipe which you can now get in Camille. The Natural Born Feeder Pad Thai is made with spiralized sweet potato and comes with prawns and chickens. Its packed full of flavour, filling and tastes just as good as the sinful version but it’s better for you – win, win! Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Good 4 U

Finding healthy, filling and non-messy snacks can sometimes be tricky when you’re on the go, but thanks to Good 4 U they are making it easy. I love seeds and nuts as snacks as they packed full of healthy fats and protein. These are great to have in your bag when you start to feel a bit hangry but want to stay on track and keep it clean.

Lindt 99% Chocolate 

This is insane! I love dark chocolate and as you will all know I use dark chocolate quite when baking simple pleasure like my caramel rolos. This is very bitter so it wouldn’t be for everyone but when used in baking you don’t really notice the bitterness and it’s better for you – just maybe don’t eat it as it is 🙂 I picked some up in Dunnes Stores recently if you fancy trying it out!


Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I love the Trilogy from their ethical sourcing to their natural ingredients. I started using the rose hip oil and find it’s been working wonders. I try and pay attention to ingredients used in beauty products as that’s just as important as healthy eating (I’ll admit it is very hard and it’s a work in progress but I am becoming more aware). The oil consists of essential fatty acids and antioxidants which makes it super moisturizing.

Udos Choice Super 8

Winter is here and that means, colds flus and bugs. What you can do to help your health is boost your immune system by taking a good probiotic that will help with your digestive health cause your gut is the largest immune organ in your body! Let’s give it a big hug and invest in some probiotics. There are tonnes on the market it I tend to go for Udos choice. It has eight strains of good bacteria which help promote immune function, aids the build-up of beneficial bacteria after taking antibiotics and supports general health. You can pick these up in any health stores.

Donal Skehan’s New Cookbook

I really admire Donal and he has some fantastic recipes. I recently filmed a YouTube recipe with him and we had great fun. His new cookbook, eat, live, go is out now and is definitely worth picking up.