Just a click away from Sustainable Fashion!

Let’s start with the pressures of having a new outfit. It’s tough right? With our closets full yet it always seems like we have nothing to wear. With the industry constantly updating trends (not even just by season anymore) it’s a constant battle to keep on top of the latest trend and not get sucked in to buying clothes that may only see the light of day once or if they’re lucky a handful of times. I wanted to write a post not only introducing you to some eco-friendly places I like to shop but also helpful tips on how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Before I begin, this is like everything – there is a balance. Of course in one day we’re not going to turn around and be completely sustainable when it comes to fashion and if you want to buy that dress that may be from fast fashion its ok. But being more aware is the first step and making small changes to create better habits is a good place to start. In the past year I have become far more aware of the fashion industry and its effects on the environment. I have always been on top of my recycling and water usage along with my awareness of personal damage on the environment and how I can lower it.

But for now let’s just look at our wardrobes and what can we do to be more sustainable.

Shop the basics
Make a list of the items you wear the most. Maybe its black skinny jeans or denim jackets? White tanks? and so on. Create your look list Your everyday style (the things you wear 90% of the time). This should be a nice guide for shopping. What will you get the most use out of and is worth your money!

Shop smart
If you’re on the look out for a festival outfit or even a wedding dress why not scope out a few eco friendly sites first? Like the ones listed below or download “Good on You” to see some of your favourite fashion brands rating when it comes to sustainability.

Go vintage
The biggest plus to this is that no one will arrive in the same outfit, which is so common these days! I have compiled a list of some of my top favourite vintage shops. Also consignment stores are great for picking up second hand designer hand bags and more. I have gotten most of my designer bags from Siopaella in Dublin!

My favourite stores:

  • Nine crows
  • Finders keepers
  • Siopella
  • Asos vintage


Yes get creative! I have this amazing lilac jumpsuit that in the past 3 years has been redesigned 3 times into an off the shoulder jumpsuit, a dress and a 2 piece co-ord, making an otherwise once off outfit wearable 6 times for big events! Even though I had worn it 6 times I had styled each occasion so differently that it always looking like a new outfit (people just think I love lilac!). Even something small like adding a blazer for one look or changing your hair, make up and accessories can transform a look.

Take care & repair
Hands up if you’ve ever had a beautiful jacket or jeanz and you’ve let them fall apart due to wear and tear or maybe miss care? Well, I will admit I have! I treat my clothes and accessories so well now from hanging them up correctly to following the washing or cleaning instructions and repairing buttons or seams rather than tossing them out! Don’t let a good piece of clothing go to waste from laziness.

Check out the The Zip Yard who are my go to shop for repairing clothes or altering outfits.

Some places I love to shop at and my top looks from each (just click the names to be linked to each look).