July Monthly Must Haves 

Here is a blog post about all the things I got this month and loving. It’s a complete mixture from food related stuff to beauty to pet stuff!

1. Sage Waffle Maker 

So, I picked up this great waffle maker from Sage on Littlewoods.ie and I’m loving it. Pretty much having waffles for breakfast every morning 🙂 I really like how waffles are so easy and quick to make. You can prep the batter the night before and then pop on the waffle iron and viola. This waffle maker is so good and there’s no mess (which I love as I hate cleaning).

2. Magic Mayan Chocolate 

I got sent these Magic Mayan chocolates to try out a few weeks ago and I’m converted. I like raw chocolate and will usually opt to make my own for recipes but these are great when your caught for time and want to stay on track. These chocolate are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and packed full of antioxidants and come in loads of different flavours from plain, mint, creamy cashew and goji (and sooo many more!). The best thing is their Irish, I love supporting local producers and trace where all the ingredients come from.

3. Honest to Goodness

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you know that I spend a lot of time in Honest to Goodness. It’s a great spot for breakfast or lunch. I usually pop in the morning after a tough session in Metabolic Fitness (it’s just around the corner so very convenient!) to get a white egg omelette. The menu offers loads of variety and plenty of healthy options! So, if want to eat out and want to make sure you stay on track, check this place out.

4. Image SPF 

I swear by this product and have been using it for years. I’m very conscious of sun damage and always look for products that include SPF. Sometimes people only think this is necessary when on holidays abroad but it’s just as important to use SPF in Ireland. I pick this up in Renew Clinic.

Untitled design-3

5. Microdermabrasion

Ok, I’m usually pretty bad at regularly making appointments to get my nails done or my hair etc. I usually always need reminding but one thing I have now made part of my routine is going to get microdermabrasion. Obviously with modelling and doing shows you have to wear a lot of make up the whole time so I was always conscious of my skin and not letting pores get blocked. Like most girls, I’ve gone through periods of bad skin and as much as a healthy diet plays a key part for me and my skin, microdermabrasion has really helped too! If you haven’t heard of it before, microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove any dead epidermal cells. I go to Renew Clinic to get mine done.

6. Dog back pack for Wilko 

You may have seen my latest purchase for Wilko on my Instagram. It’s mad all the things you can actually get for dogs and this back pack I had to purchase! I watched videos of dogs in them and there were dogs with their owners surfing, parachuting and hiking. I think I need to invest in a slightly bigger back pack for Wilko and see how he likes it. I won’t be doing any parachute jumps with him any time soon though! But I had to include this for any dog lovers out there. I got this on Amazon.

7. James Read Face Tan Night Mask 

I already mentioned how I am quite sun conscious especially with my face. I always use SPF to protect my face and when I don’t want to wear make-up I’ve been using James Read Overnight Face Mask tan to give my face a glow. I’ve been using it a few weeks now and obsessed with it, it’s really light which I like as I do like to strip my face completely of products when I can to leave it breathe, so when buying an overnight tan for my face I want something light. It gives a really nice even colour meaning I don’t need to always wear foundation and I get extra time in the mornings to make a whopper breakfast! Win win!! You can this tan in Callan & Co. salon.

8. Improper Butter 

Ah butter? How could you not love it! Mash potatoes is a staple in our household in Tipperary. My mum and dad have a little vegetable garden at home so they grow all their own potatoes, veg and some fruit. To change it up from using oils when cooking or baking, I have been trying out Improper Butter. They have a few different flavours but my favourite is the sundblushed tomato and basil one. I sometimes like to use it when cooking meat or fish to add some extra flavours to my meal. Again, it’s an Irish brand – got to say Ireland has produced some amazing foodies 🙂