5 Ways I Use Apple Cider Vinegar

I have been using apple cider vinegar for over 8 years. I first heard of it when I lived in South Africa and one of the other models was using it on her skin and hair line…. and get this she also drank it.

Curious as ever I did some research, bearing in mind you know things were not as advanced as they are now. There was no YouTube videos on it, or extensive blogs and websites dedicated to its pros/cons, so the best way to find out was … on myself? There is a reason I’m still on it 8 years later. I discuss each of the below on my video here…

But here is a brief guide and recipe on how I use apple cider vinegar from using it on my body to cleaning the kitchen sink – literally. Now l, there is a lot of conflicted information online about apple cider vinegar and this post is purely based on my own personal experience with using it, therefore I suggest before consuming it regularly or putting it on your skin patch test and research to see if it’s for you. I buy a raw, unfiltered, organic option with “the mother”.

Morning tonic –  1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar with 200ml cup filtered water ( I dilute mine a bit more than some suggest online). This is how I take it however, I started off with using 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and build it up.

I find this helps a few things, firstly my digestion I can feel a difference on morning I don’t take it in comparison to when I do. Secondly, it rids morning breath (although I don’t swish it around my mouth as I don’t want to expose my teeth to too much), definitely wakes you up as the drink can be a bit intense! For some people it can irritate your throat so be mindful of this.

I also use it if I have a sore throat (same idea just warm water, raw honey, ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar).


Toner – yes sir on my face. Now disclaimer; this may not be for everyone if you suffer from sensitive skin I would maybe test patch it first over a course of time. I use 1 tbsp. mixed with approx. 250-300 ml of water plus 1 tbsp. aloe vero gel (fresh – you can buy leaves in vegetable stores or from a pure shop bought aloe gel). I love this on my skin It feels so fresh and clean after I use it – I have normal (it’s not sensitive or fine and as part of my routine I hardly will ever have a spot (I do have a healthy lifestyle and drink water).

I clear my face of make up using it also. ​Shake my homemade toner and put some on a cotton pad dab around face (avoid eyes). Let dry fully and apply my night time cream/serum.



Spots, bites!

3 tsp baking soda plus 1-2 tsp. Apple cider vinegar until you have a paste. Dip a small bit on a spot or for me it comes in handy for hives/bites and leave overnight.


The kitchen sink. So I hate the thought of pouring heavy chemicals down the sink to unblock it or unclog it however our sink is a nightmare so I do this once every 2 weeks to keep it clear and I swear it is far more effect than waiting for something to happen and then buying a thick heavy chemical bleach.


Mix: Approx. 50g baking soda and 2 cups apple cider vinegar. Tip the baking soda down the sink hole followed by pouring in the apple cider vinegar – it will fizz up (don’t worry) and slowly work it way down the drain. Leave for 20-30 minutes before turing on the tap again.


Anti bacterial for your phone! Ok so I don’t know about you but my phone is always covered in ether food, make up or just random bits of my day then I squish it right up to my face ? eh kinda gross also I was getting small pimples on my right cheek – fixed by…cleaning my phone.

Dap a small bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and wipe that phone screen- note it may smell vinegary obviously.