5 things you can change to help keep our oceans clean!

Happy World Ocean Day guys – whether you live right be the sea or not, the earth’s oceans and waterways should be your priority. I understand the issue of water pollution and global warming sometimes seems so vast that it’s hard to imagine that you or me could make a difference – well, that’s not the case. I wanted to take today as an opportunity to talk about something I’m passionate about to share everyday small changes you can personally make that can make a difference!


Cut down on your plastic usage!

8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year.


This may seem like a vague statement, so here’s 3 simple swap overs to help get you started.

  1. Get a stainless steel / reusable water bottle – a million plastic bottles are bought every minute, if you are going to buy plastic bottles ensure you recycle them correctly by separating your waste.
  2. Get a shopper bag and BRING IT WITH YOU – single use plastic bags are used for roughly minutes then discarded. If they find their way to the ocean they can take 10-20 years to become marine debris, however, as I’m sure you’ve heard they can cause  a serious threat to marine wildlife like the most recent news of a whale in Thailand dying after swallowing 80 plastic bags!
  3. Use a reusable coffee cup & don’t forget it running out the door in the morning. 99.75% of disposable coffee cups don’t get recycled. And it’s estimated that 550,000 cups are used per day in Ireland.



If you bring it with you, you can take it away too!

If you head to the beach/river edge or lakeside this summer and bring snacks, lunch bottles etc. remember that there aren’t always bins nearby – if you brought it with you please bring it back or to the nearest bin. Encourage others in your group to do so too – don’t make it seem acceptable or normal behaviour to leave rubbish behind.


Don’t be a waster!

Learn what goes where – what’s recyclable, compostable and find your local glass bottle collection point. Honestly, it feels good recycling and doing your bit! Also, household /hazardous chemicals – don’t flush them down the drain, please dispose of them properly.


Get to know your seafood!

If you are choosing to eat seafood try opt for sustainable fish like these ones here –


Look after your local beach/river/lake

Research the local groups who organise clean ups and if you can’t find one – why don’t you be the one to start it! Weekly or monthly clean up events can really help marine pollution and it can also be fun!


Note; Greystones beach is having a clean-up this Sunday (10th) at 11 am! I’ll be there with Willy!