10 reasons/recipes to go out and buy Eat Happy by Melissa Hemsley

  1. She’s the reason I got into spiralizing!
  2. Her Buckwheat pizza…drool.
  3. She co-founded Hemsley & Hemsley to help people with their digestion and relationship with food.
  4. Her Easy Ratatouille – one of my favourite recipes my mum used to make growing up. Melissa’s recipe is super quick to whip up and delicious.
  5. She’s like me when it comes to cooking. 30 minutes is by far enough time to spend cooking and baking and all her recipes here are 30 mins or less.
  6. Her Ginger Miso Sunshine soup is divine especially for this Baltic Irish weather.
  7. You all know how much I love Banoffee and so does she! Check out her Banoffee Pie in a glass recipe…trust me.
  8. My favourite breakfast ever is Turkish scrambled eggs which she has an amazing recipe for in this book.
  9. She offers a nice change up from regular porridge with her easy Quinoa Power porridge.
  10. Lastly, take it from me she is sound! One of the nicest people I’ve meet in the industry and she knows her food.

You can buy her book here