‘Whatever you’re Into’ Granola Bars

I am all about my quick and easy meals on the go, and love nothing more than a wholesome flapjack or granola bar. However I find unless you make it yourself and really take a look at all the ingredients your putting in …. It isn’t really ‘guilt free’!

So prepare the mixing bowl and preheat your oven for a quick, simple and handy oat bar on the go.

When it comes to making these bars, for me its all about what I have in my kitchen press hence the name, I’m giving the basic ingredients to make this bar then depending on your taste buds or whats available to you, different options on how to jazz them up a bit.

I Also want to note to people that if ever your looking at a recipe and you think ‘oh I don’t have all the ingredients’ … work with what you do have there is alternatives for everything be a bit of a Mcgiver in the kitchen and see what happens, thats one of the joys of baking !

*In order to limit the amount of sweetener and oils to bind the oats Ive also taken to using Coconut water, it adds an extra bit of moistness & natural sweetness to the finish product! I haven’t looked back since I tried it, so I hope you like it too!



  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbsp ( depending on how sweet you like it) raw honey/maple syrup /agave syrup

*melt together in microwave for about 40 sec – 1 min



  • Almond /vanilla essence 2 cap fulls- I prefer almond
  • Add in 2 cups of oats/ gluten free or regular (Red Mills is a good gluten free option available in Tesco)
  • Half cup flaxseeds- I prefer whole but milled is good too!
  • Pinch of sea salt.
  • ( Coconut water is needed too but don’t add yet)

How you like it/ or whatever is in the kitchen press.

  • Chopped hazelnuts/almonds/ walnuts/macadamias- I recommend hazelnuts or pecans!
  • Handful of cocoa nibs(optional)- there a must for me, a little bitter but still gives a great crunch and is almost like dark chocolate pieces!- you can buy these in Holland & Barrett, and most independent health food stores.
  • Chopped dried fruit dates/ apricots- I love dried dates chopped finely
  • Chia seeds/ dried coconut/ goji berries….. the list is endless!i have recently found all these in Tesco! Yes even goji berries “Linwoods” have brought them out!!!

*My favourite combination is – cocoa nibs, dates, & chopped pecans!


When you’ve chosen your extras and all ingredients are mixed add coconut water -just enough for it all to stick together a little ( half cup usually is enough)As I said it gives a lovely moistness to the finishing bar and adds some natural sweetness & potassium!You can find coconut water in most supermarkets and newsagent type shops.

Pop in greased tin or silicone tray if you have one and bake for 30/40 cover with tin foil after 30 if you feel the dried fruit or nuts are getting a little burnt don’t worry this will happen! Leave in fridge overnight if you can resist!

Post your Granola bar favourites to instagram and tag me @rozannapurcell



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