Tips for healthy eating abroad

So, how does one travel and avoid temptation? For the majority of people once holiday mode switches on all healthy eating routines go out the window! We’re all human, it’s refreshing to let loose a little bit and indulge in pastries and sweet treats. Although moderation is important!

I recently travelled to Berlin with and decided to plan all the healthy trendy spots I was going to eat in so I was stick to my normal healthy eating day-to-day routine.

My first challenge was the airport! We got the red eye flight to Berlin so with a mix of tiredness and ‘hanger’, I made sure I was prepared with some snacks that I brought a long such as my homemade granola bars and homemade trail mixes, all recipes can be found in previous posts.

There are some good places to eat at the airport, The chocolate Lounge in Dublin airport offers plenty of healthy options. Likewise so do, Wrights of Howth, where you can buy smoked salmon, salads and fruit. Don’t be afraid to alter dishes and be specific in your requests they were more than happy to cater for our requirements.

When flying long-haul always think of the return journey , have some store bought snacks such as protein bars, I brought a few R-bars with me for the trip, and nuts and seed mixes such as Wylldasson. My advice would be not to let yourself go hungry! Planes are a dangerous place, your surrounded my people constantly grazing on sweats and salted nuts, your bored and sometimes a little on edge … its a likely place to crack!

For any frequent flyers and people who travel a lot with work and want to stick to your healthy diet there are plenty of tips to stay on track when travelling.

When looking up places to try in Berlin I used Yelp and online blogs to guide me. I researched where our hotel was based and what was close by. Berlin restaurants and cafes has plenty to offer in terms of dietary requirements such as paleo and vegan. LovinBerlin was also a great site to look at with loads of useful tips. I would advise to look up all these sites and app before travelling to save on your data bill!

Quick tips:

  • DINING – Try not to eat too late, If travelling in groups try to plan dinners early so your not going to bed on a full stomach, disrupting your sleep and making you feel sluggish the next morning.
  • BE ACTIVE – walk of cycle places, it’s a great way to get your bearings and see more of the City.
  • Don’t let yourself go too HUNGRY, thats when bad things can happen.
  • EAT BREAKFAST – your body needs the fuel and reboots your metabolism after the overnight fast.
  • PLAN IN ADVANCE; Research healthy food eateries in the area you are staying before you leave, especially if you have dietary requirements.
  • EXERCISE – most gyms offer daily passes or do your own hotel workout (check out my blog on staying active with a simple hotel workout that requires no equipment and little space) Try go early in the morning as your more likely to skip it as the day goes on
  • PACK SNACKS – I packed protein bars (R-bars), nuts and seeds. Protein bars are available in most supermarkets and healthy food stores so should be easy to pick up! Just make you check the sugar levels in protien bars, some can be quite high!
  • Order WATER as your liquid choice, try avoid cordials, juices, fizzy drinks ….

These are just simple steps, all very achievable and require minimal effort( except the gym part :)) to stay on track. It all lays in the PLANNING ! Enjoy your breaks and tag me in your top tips for staying healthy while travelling!



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