Hello guys, I feel like it’s been ages since my last Hike Life. Last month we ventured off to Gougane Barra in Cork but this weekend it’s not too far ( for me anyway) with a St. Patricks day hike In Crone Woods . I really wanted to do a Patricks day Hike for those who wanted to escape the madness and opt for a morning in nature by discovering a new trail nearby. The Hike is limited to 40 people which will require registration (FREE) through which will go live tomorrow night ( Tuesday 12th) at 8 pm. Here is all the details below.


Meeting Point; Crone Woods Carpark

Google map; “Crone Woods Carpark” There is limited parking hence the number cap so arrive early to ensure a good spot.


Start time; 9 am Sharp( please arrive 15 minutes prior)


Duration;1hr 45 minutes


Length; 6km Elevation; 962ft


Difficulty; Moderate. The walK is half uphill matched with a nice gradual descent. I would recommend good levels of fitness for this walk.


Dogs are allowed, I would recommend keeping your dog on a lead if you do not have effective control to avoid your dog getting lost with the large group( we do not want that!). I would also advise bringing a dog poo bag, as there are no bins on this trail so bring something to carry your full up dog bags in- NICE.


Recommended gear; hiking boots or shoes, hat, raingear, adequate water. Due to poor weather conditions lately please be advised that casual  runners will not be appropriate.


NOTICE; This is a Coilte owned forest so please be mindful to LEAVE NO TRACE and in fact I encourage you guys to leave it better than we found it and pick up any rubbish you see along the way.


The walk itself is one of my favourites, it offers a serious workout while distracting with epic views of Glendalough waterfall and surrounding valleys. We have a fantastic guide joining us on the day and we will ensure everyone sticks together. There are a few exposed spots along the trail so I recommend having a hat to protect your ears from the wind and keeping to the correct path as Crone Woods is a protected Natura 2000 site and we want to ensure our hike does not disrupt or interfere with any plant or wildlife.



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Is there a cost to attend? No. These are free to encourage people to get out in nature, ,meet new people and discover new trails.

Can I come alone? Yes of course, loads of people come solo. The whole point of these hikes is to have a group when you want to get out walking but none of your friends will go with you or perhaps you’ve just moved here and you want to meet people with similar interests.

Do I need to sign up? Yes, this will be linked tomorrow evening at 8pm through event brite.

How will I know where to meet the group? I will always post a meeting point prior to the hike with a specific time. You can’t miss the group.

Do I have to be fit? This depends on the hike, each hike will have it’s own separate post which will give a guide on the difficulty level.

Can Kids come? Of course, but ensure the walk is suitable for their ability as some may be strenuous. You know your Childs abilities better than me so depending on their fitness levels you can decide which hike suits best.

Do I need hiking boots? This also depends on the walk, most often good walking shoes are fine however I do not recommend runners with no grip, paths can be muddy and slippy so for your own comfort dress appropriately.

Can I bring my dog? I encourage you to bring friends for Wilko ( my dog) however this depends on the walks, some walks are dog friendly while other not- this will be mentioned in the individual hike posts. I do recommend having your dog on a leash in the large group for your dogs safety and to ensure he doesn’t wander off or lose you.