The Hike Life, Slievenamon & Glengarra

Saturday 19th January 

Hike; Slievenamon

Start Time; 10am

Meeting point; Kilcash Community Hall, beside Kehoes Pub.

Hike Time; Approx. 2-2.5 hours

Difficulty level; Hard but manageable. Gradual uphill from the start. We can take a view breaks as needed on the way up to take in the view.

Finally, a hike at home! I grew up being dragged up Slievenamon as a child, who would have thought I would be guiding a crew up there in the future. I love this hike and I do it every time I get home, it’s a fantastic leg burner rewarded with stunning views of the valley. I would recommend this hike for everyone, it is difficult but it’s not a race and I encourage everyone to take their time and importantly enjoy the hike. We will be starting from Kilcash Village which makes the hike a little extra long – sorry, but it does allow for amble parking. We will follow the road up along for about 1.5 km until we reach the path and from there the muddy path begins straight to the top approx. 45 min to 1 hour.

NOTE; It’s important to understand at the start of the walk we are on a country road so extra caution is required walking around bends or walking out in the middle of the road.

Minimum gear; Good gripped runners (needed for the way down), raincoat, snacks and water.







Sunday 20th January 

Walk; Glengarra Woods (Millennium Trail)

Start Time; 10am

Meeting point;Carpark Entrance (as you drive in the entrance to the woods there is a car park to your right)

Walk Time; 2-2.5 hours

Difficulty level; easy- moderate flat walk

Yes, there’s a change of plan to our Sunday Hike! With the weather forecast not looking the best and high winds predicted I think the Coumshingaun Loop (ridge) walk is not something I am comfortable doing with my Hike Life crew, I want these walks to be fun and safe. I have opted instead for a sheltered flat route, equally as stunning with forestry, streams( we will have to pass) and wildlife. An important aspect to the Hike Life has been chatting to me people, people getting to know one another and that’s the best part about a flat route you’re not out of breath!I hope everyone understands the change of location and can still make it out this weekend. Its also the perfect walk for a beginner, to bring kids along or just a great opportunity to catch up with friends and get some exercise.

Minimum gear; Runners, change of socks, raincoat ,water ,snacks