And we are back! Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the next leg of the series to be announced. As you all know I do this on the side for fun and the last few weeks have been chaos so apologies I really hoped I would have had this up sooner. However I think this is a solid hiking list and these hike are going to be really enjoyable, especially for me now that I have all the guides organised – phew! All the hiking routes have been planned and 2 weeks prior to each hike I will post all the relevant information and the tickets will go live 24 hours after this over on  This time around I still want the hikes to be free but each ticket will have a donation of 10 euro to a local charity nearby where the hike is taking place. This is for two reasons; 1. I want to ensure people respect their tickets and know when they register they are committed to arriving. 2. We can all enjoy a day out (hopefully with great weather) and give something back to someone who needs it in that area. The hikes range from beginner to strenuous and I have marked them below to give you an indication. 

Note; There will be POP UP hikes added to this list and I will continue to update this page.

GALWAY, JULY 21ST– Beginner

WICKLOW, JULY 28TH – Moderate

KERRY,  AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY,  3 & 4THSAT & SUN – both moderate to strenuous

WICKLOW, AUGUST 25TH– Moderate to hard

DONEGAL, SEPETMBER 22ND– Hard but manageable



CARLINGFORD, NOVEMBER 17th – Moderate- Hard.

WICKLOW/DUBLIN,  DECEMBER 1st – Easy- Moderate

PS. There will be a competition ran soon for where YOU want a pop up hike ( in October) and which charity you would like to hike for! 


Is there a cost to attend? No. These are free to encourage people to get out in nature, ,meet new people and discover new trails, However for series 2 there will be a charity donation of 10€ made payable at registration.

Can I come alone? Yes of course, loads of people come solo. The whole point of these hikes is to have a group when you want to get out walking but none of your friends will go with you or perhaps you’ve just moved here and you want to meet people with similar interests.

Do I need to sign up? Yes for each hike an event brite will go live 2 weeks prior for sign up.

How will I know where to meet the group? I will always post a meeting point two weeks prior to the hike with a specific time along with all relevant info needed. You can’t miss the group ( I usually give 5 minutes grace before we set off)

Do I have to be fit? This depends on the hike, each hike will have it’s own separate post which will give a guide on the difficulty level. All hikes however are taken at a manageable pace.

Can Kids come? Of course, just ensure the walk is suitable for their ability as some may be strenuous.

Do I need hiking boots? This also depends on the walk, keep an eye on each hike update for more on this.

Can I bring my dog? I encourage you to bring friends for Wilko ( my dog) however some walks dogs are not permitted to go on, all of this will be marked in my individual hike blog post.