Shop Irish, Shop Local – Happy St Patricks Day

For the Day thats in it!
I wanted to do something special for St Patricks day, so what better than supporting our own! I wanted to show you my stable products that I always have in my cupboard, they are in almost every recipe I make and worth putting on your shopping list!


Coconut Oil
I Recently starting using this brand, my first purchase was their coconut oil, originally I must admit it was their wondrous giant re useable jar! But on further inspection and use I have to say It tastes the best and last for ages, considering how much I use it- thats pretty good!

Is a must to have on the ready in my press, Its an all natural sugar replacer with zero calories;plant based and this on in particular contains no maltodextrin, so it is ideal for baking as it replaces sugar 1:1, with no effect on blood sugar levels and is also tooth friendly!
I also use it in my teas ( ✓lemon, cinnamon & stevia)

*other products
Chocolate- ‘the healthy chocolate’-gluten free, dairy free & tooth friendly with a low GL and high in Vitiman E and fibre… possibly the best invention?!!!!

  • Coconut flour
  • Vegetable bouillon
  • Cavistons, Glasthule
  • The Punnet, Glasthule
  • Select Stores, Dalkey
  • Get Fresh, Rathfarnham
  • The Happy Pear, Greystones
  • Farrellys Butchers, Delgany

Twitter: @DrCoysFoods

I love nut butters, and keen bring them to a new level adding simple ingredients to give a different approach using almonds, hazelnuts & pecans. Catching my eye on body first Facebook with their 1 kg tubs of vanilla almond butter -I was sold! I use nut butters to change up most simple dishes from scrambled eggs to protein shakes , they’re a great alternative for typical spreads like Nutella and over processed peanut butters and sugar loaded jams!

  • The Punnett, Glasthule
  • Bodyfirst, Clontarf

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NATASHIA LIVING FOODS do a huge range of snacks on the go my favourite being the raw cocoa brownie and kale chips! She had a great inniciatve in setting up her business and obviously a wonderful creative mind in the kitchen , she makes healthy food seem like the most interesting and tasteful experience!

aineschoc-217x300AINES DARK CHOC

We all love a bit of chocolate now and again, Based in Cavan Aines handmade chocolates are made from local produce, with a huge range of chocolates from sugar free, to vegan!

*My favourite is her Zesty Lime dark chocolate.


With all these new super foods cropping up everyday, saying replace this super food for this new one. I feel like I am consistently changing what I’ve just come accustomed to using or baking with! From swapping goji to cinchuura & chia seeds to hemp hearts… agave to rice malt vinegar! I am putting a stop to it and saying if you really want that ‘superfood ‘benefit…… resource whats around you! Im taking about local honey, apple cider vinegar , local producers who use local resources! You can’t get any healthier than that! Think about it once our superfood travels miles and miles from peru or mexico or some other tropical destination how much good is really left or is it in its original form at all?Unfortunately they are more than likely overly proceed to make the journey.
So on that note lets support local and support our well being!
*On this not I would just like to mention I don’t work with any of these brands or am I in any way benefiting from this post just my opinion!

I avoid supermarkets when buying these , Go the extra mile and go to local butchers and mongers… or even buy online – Pat is from Clonmel so i grew up buying from his small butcher shop in Clonmel, but now he is much easier found in most Avoca stores :)

Ireland is a gold mine for honey, when Im buying my agave or maple syrups I think about when I was growing up and the fresh local honey we used to get. This spurred me to try find something similar. I get a jar monthly of the most unprocessed and pure natural honey , from a bee farmer in midlands. Ive seen first hand the whole process and happy to put it in my body its as natural as you can get… do some research you may be surprised whats resources are around you! There is huge benefits to Local honey.

Apple cider vinegar
I buy a bottle monthly from a man in Kinsale, its unpasturised and very fresh (even with little gross bit!) Apple cider vinegar is a real superfood thats not going anywhere! If anyone knows of local apple cider producers let me know @rozannapurcell!

The Happy Pear, Greytones
Well I’m sure most people have heard of this place, they can do no wrong! Making fresh food daily and even stocking their own creations in other stores, Its a must go place! With their constant updates of their fresh local produce and daily stews or tangines…we could all take a leaf out of their book!

Twitter: @thehappypear


  • The Punnett-glasthule @thepunnethealth
  • Body First-Clontarf @bodyfirst_ie
  • Down to Earth-Georges st
  • Nuts Grains-Mullingar
  • Honey Pot-Clonmel


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