Resolution Day

The resolution deadline is approaching and with lots of emails asking what I’m giving up this year and sites asking me to contribute to their New Year columns I think its right to give an all you need to know guide to look back on every end of year – when we are all  questioning our lives after splurging over Christmas.

Firstly, for most people new year’s resolutions revolve around body image i.e. lose weight, get ripped, take on a new diet, cut all sweet things out, start in a new gym, changing our lifestyles completely.

Look, I get it we love a Monday, a blank page to start something fresh and an emending cut off.  So, what do we do New Years Eve? Swipe the house clean from all the chocolate and Christmas sweets by eating them ALL before we cleanse our bodies in the New Year… but then it just happens every Sunday night for the year right, before clean Monday?

This is why a few years ago I was so anti-resolutions like this, I was like “it’s a lifestyle change people and you shouldn’t just have this once a year deadline dilemma or great expectation “This is the year I’m going to  change my life”. No…just no.

However, I have grown to love the idea of not so much resolutions but as we grow year by year we change – our interests or priorities, relationships and possibly surroundings so in that way I look at it as a little revaluation to see if what I’m doing is still well….me? How can I do a little bit better for ME this new year and do more of what makes me flourish!

So, this year’s take one bit of advice and follow these steps when picking your resolutions – actually I prefer the word goals!

Firstly, sit down and write a list of things that you do on a daily basis that;

  • make you happy
  • stressed
  • make you sad
  • emotional
  • laugh
  • get inspired
  • excited
  • relaxed and so soon!

I always finds this helps with what I can add in or subtract from my routine e.g. One thing that makes me really stressed is being late for things so I’m going to make every appointment, event etc. 15min earlier in my calendar and choose to walk when I can (because traffic also makes me stressed)
E.g. I can’t find the motivation to go to the gym before work because I find it hard to sleep maybe make it a routine to turn your phone off at 7pm on days you can, take a yin yoga class after work on hectic days and avoid watching anything late at night. I set a night alarm to make sure I get at least 7-8 hours every night.

E.g. I feel so great after I do yoga, I feel calm and focused. I should try do that more.

Even small things like this are things that are far more beneficial to change than the obvious losing a few pounds.

Difficult yet achievable, we all love reaching for the stars but for example picking a goal that’s realistic is also important. We don’t respond well to failure and by picking something really unrealistic you could be setting yourself a trap. Here’s an example, I want to do a sub 3 hour marathon. Ok I’ve never ran a marathon before so let’s be realistic and say by the end of 2018 I will run my first marathon, become a member of a track club and find a running coach to begin my journey there. You get it?

Intrinsic goals. Yep these are the ones that are self-motivated, the things you genuinely want to achieve not what others expect you to achieve. This will help when it comes to daily motivation. E.g. I want to eat unprocessed fresh foods for my own wellbeing and my mind vs I am going to eat unprocessed fresh foods cause everyone else is. Or I want to do a chin up cause my sister can therefore I should vs I want to do a chin up because it will make me feel strong and a mini achievement in my training.

It’s important to write the reason behind your goals once you have chosen them to look back on when you may be lacking in inspiration!

The bit by bit dribble effect!
When you have your goals in mind start them small, growing them slowly over periods  month by month. E.g. Cutting out coffee? for an addict that is. In January, I’m going to allow myself one coffee a day before noon. In February, every second day, March ever third day…and so on.

Likewise, with starting a new training programme aiming to go twice a day, every day – build it up slowly. Aim to go twice a week and one of those session to be a new type of training to gain a knowledge of what you like and dislike e.g. boxing, circuit training, body pump etc.

Be precise. Your goals can’t be vague it needs to be something you can track with more detail. e.g. (not good goals!)
Travel more…
Walk more
Do more yoga…
You need to be specific about when, how many times, where, how long !

An example of my goals would be…
Travel more…I want to travel to Prague for Xmas markets because I’ve always wanted to go! Get those cheap flights now and book time off work.

Walk more…. I’m going to slot in a dedicated time each week to walk, and find a walking partner to ensure I always go (rain, hail or snow). I’m also going to look up routes that I haven’t done so it doesn’t get boring! (maybe also get a dog.

Do more yoga… I’ve found a great studio online my friend goes to and I’m going to be realistic and try go once a week on a certain day each week for a month and see can I add more sessions in after that but my goal is to just get at least 1 class a week.


Set up a month by month tracker to fill out- this will help you make sure you’re keep on track knowing you have to write down your results each month is a personal motivator. Did I make my weekly yoga class? Did I hit my monthly (realistic) weight target. Make the sheet to suit your mission and stick them up visibly on your bedroom wall.

Lastly everyone….

We’re human, going from zero to hero doesn’t have any longevity. Before you make those new year’s resolutions remember don’t go cold turkey it’s better to make small changes often over long periods of time to adjust and sustain them forever. Make time for the things you love and those that help you grow, the things that make you feel your best and every now and again let yourself have a little slip up, just get back on track after it and don’t let it spiral you off course.

Now, I’m guessing you guys want to know my resolution goals right?

Yoga. In January I’m aiming to do 1 session a week going into February 2 sessions every second week and eventually in March 2 sessions a week. Trying to make it a priority over silly stuff like watching TV because the benefits it gives me are unmatched! I’m going to try keep up 2 sessions a week for 2018, by finding yoga teacher online to follow when I travel and becoming more confident in practicing myself.

Some I follow who inspire me;

Hannah Presence @hannhapresence
Lee Treacy @leetraceylife
Southern yogi @the_southern_yogi
Marc @marclawsii

Pilates. Ok, so I started Pilates a few years ago and I was in and out of it I’d go like every day for a week then disappear for 3 months…. I’ve been pretty good towards the end of 2017. I found a class I really enjoy (Project Revive)  and since I made the commitment to just go once, sometimes twice a week I find its far more do-able. Why I do I want to do it- it really helps with my flexibility and general movement in training – it also gets you the best abs. It helps my class is a little social event do because now my friends have started to come along!

I want to make sure I travel to a new city this year, I really want to check out Venice and I think September is the perfect time to go.

P.S. I still don’t have my full driving license and this has been a resolution for like 6 years now. I have many excuses why I don’t have one but I’ll save you the shpell! I can drive just I don’t have the nice pink license….:) How I’m going to make it happen this year? Well I booked my test for February and gave myself a deadline, I booked time off and back to back sessions the 10 days prior.

I want to write more content. I have found that the busier I’ve gotten I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I really miss that excitement about a new post whether it’s about a new food place I’ve found or my latest adventure. I’ve decided to set dedicating writing hours into my week (I’ve swapped out a few Netflix sessions) but it gives me that time to be creative and I love how it’s like keeping a journal to look back on in years to come!

Oh and I forgot the last important point of setting those NY goals, tell everyone, surround yourself with supporters and follow those who inspire your journey!