NBF Guide to Veganuary

Hello Veganuary!!! So, who is taking on the challenge this year? It’s a fantastic way to eat more veg and to try out new recipes and dishes to broaden your culinary scope. I can also guarantee you won’t get bored. I find eating vegan sometimes is far more flavoursome and satisfying! I thought I would do a post of my favourite places to grab a plant based meal in Dublin from breakfast through to dinner including some treats because it’s me! These are my go to vegan spots, but of course there’s lots more places and I would love to hear your favourite spots!

Leave a comment below with your recommendations and I will keep adding to the list!

Hopefully this list will help you guys when eating out and deciding where to go for a meal. I’m also going to make a list of my most popular vegan recipes on the blog to make it easy for people to find this Veganuary!


The Fat Fox Vegan Porridge



The Fat Fox, of course these guys cater for plant based followers their very own Rob is a vegan and they always try to have options for everyone! They serve takeaway porridge every morning that’s made with rice milk. They have lots of different toppings to choose from too (like fancy nut butters, homemade granola, berries and more) and it’s very reasonably priced! P.S. They also lots of alternatives to cow milk for teas and coffees! Try the oat milk flat white!!!

Located in the Yoga Hub, Happy Food serve a chickpea scramble for breakfast. You can decide to eat it in or out. The vegan scramble is really filling and served on sourdough toast. They also have other vegan options for breakfast like a full vegan breakfast that looks delicious, porridge and sweet treats.

Well, I had to include Mooch. If you fancy something sweet in the morning Mooch serve my NBF Vegan Pancakes. They have tonnes of vegan topping options like maple syrup, coconut, fresh fruit and nuts- they are a whopper start to the day if I do say so myself! Oh and they serve vegan froyo- chocolate flavour is my favourite.

Cornucopia has always been a long-term favourite of mine. They serve a millet porridge that is just a big bowl of comfort and satisfaction. They also have other vegan breakfast options too that are worth checking out like tofu scramble, frilled mushrooms hash browns and toasties.

If you’re near Baggot Street, Voila will make porridge with water or milk alternatives on request. It takes a little longer as they make it on the spot (only like 5/6 mins).

The Fat Fox Vegan Hot Pot



If you’re looking for something warm and comforting then you need the vegan Dahl from Meet Me in the Morning, just make sure you mention you want the vegan option. I’m also a huge fan of their rice bowls- which you can alter to suit to make them vegan (topped with their homemade kimchi).

I recently tried the sweet potato and black bean burger from Happy Food (my sister is a huge fan!) and it’s delicious and seriously filling! This is a great option if you’re finding adapting to veganism hard- it just makes you so satisfied and well…. happy!

If I need to grab something on the go Blazing Salads is my go to place for plant based options. They serve warm and cold vegan options daily so there’s lots to choose from. I love their hot plates like chickpea squash curries, to bean bakes, roasted veg, veggie burgers and pizza! Also, you need to check out their fridge space for the ice pops (wellness pops) – on their menu. The salad includes roast sweet potato, avocado, steamed broccoli, mixed baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, mixed beans and a side of hummus – delicious!

My favourite lunch spot is Honest to Goodness if you haven’t already guessed on my Instagram Stories! The daily essentials salad is my go to vegan option on their menu. The salad includes roast sweet potato, avocado, steamed broccoli, mixed baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, mixed beans and a side of hummus – delicious!

I went for brunch to Brother Hubbard South a couple of weeks ago and tried their vegan avo and peppers and was so pleasantly surprised! The dish was so tasty and satisfying that I had to include it on my list.  The dish is smashed avocado and chick pea spread on toasted sourdough, topped with roast peppers, herb and tomato salsa, radish, house nut dukkah and beetroot powder – worth trying even if you’re not vegan! Brother Hubbard North also have this on their menu!

Another go to place for takeaway is Listons on Camden Street. They have lots of vegan salad options available that are made fresh daily. Just ask the staff and they can point you’re in the right direction as to which salads are vegan. I think this place is reasonably priced too!

The Fat Fox recently started serving a vegan hot pot daily. They change it daily so keep an eye on their Insta Stories to see what’s on the menu each day but from the ones I tried (Mexican bean and mushroom Thai curry) they’re delicious!

I really recommend Industry & Co’s vegan wrap loaded with homemade falafel, beet hummus & spinach, it’s really filling and a handy lunch on the run. They also have a range of salads to choose from like grilled eggplant, roasted sweet potato, couscous, cucumber salads which change daily! Oh, and their 3-bean vegan chilli is awesome on a cold day (which is every day in Dublin).




Based just behind Stephen’s Green, Good to Go have included some NBF dishes to their menu including my vegan Peanut and Chickpea Curry which you can get in the restaurant or on their takeaway menu.

Cornucopia for their cashew baked aubergine with smoked paprika mash and pea sauce.

Sova Vegan Butchers is definitely worth checking out regardless if you’re vegan. I’ve tried their chia seed burger which is divine! It’s also massive so will keep you full for hours.

When I’m near Greystones I always make sure I pop into The Happy Pear to get their Buddha Bowl which includes a delicious mix of vegan options.

Umi Falafel is perfect for a night in or a late night out. I adore Lebanese cuisine and this place brings it to Dublin – the falafel, hummus flat breads are a must!

Box Burger’s chickpea and peanut butter vegan burger is off the charts you have to give it a go!

Pickle, I love this place and it has great vegan options, perfect for a large group night out. It offers for all types of eaters. I recommend the Gobhi matter dish.

L. Mulligan. Grocer gastro-pub in Smithfield has some delicious vegan options to choose from too. Such as their, vegan bon bons batman, the name alone would make you want to try it!


Some places I haven’t tried but have been recommended to me include;

  • The Fumbally– Ive been their years ago for their salads plates- I drool at their Instagram feed and I need to make time to go back there!
  • Veginity for their fish and chips
  • Cornucopia for their homemade vegan sausages
  • Pog on Bachelors Walk have breakfast and lunch vegan options


Mooch DF Froyo


Some of my favourite vegan treats to pick up…

  • Happy pear vegan croissant
  • The Fat Fox cookie crunch
  • Good to Go peanut brownie cake
  • Mooch chocolate froyo
  • Fumbally vegan cookies
  • The Cake Cafe always have 1 or 2 vegan cake options that change seasonally!