London – My Top Gym Classes to Hit Up!

When I’m travelling, I try my best to be somewhat prepared (which is sometimes challenging) and suss out the area I’m staying in to find out what gym facilities and foodies place are around me.


I personally love going to gym classes rather than just going to work out in a hotel gym when travelling – it’s a great way to explore new training methods and I always push myself in a class environment. Don’t get me wrong, some hotel gyms are amazing and you can get a killer workout done and it’s easy to prepare a workout in advance when heading abroad. I also love running when someone new as it’s a great way to see new places however, I find it a little tricky in London (unless you stay close to Hyde Park) with all the traffic.


I’ve found some great gym classes in London, that all offer early morning or late evening classes and pay as you go. Some of the classes are a bit pricey but when if you’re just paying for a one off class when in London it’s really worth it.




For anyone who follows me on social media, you know I love boxing fitness classes so I really wanted to try out Kobox in London. I’ve been a few times now and love this class more and more every time I go.


The trainers are really energetic and push you to make the most of the workout. What’s great about this class is you go at your pace. There was people of all levels of fitness there. For any newbies, they will take you aside 5 minutes before the class to go through movements and technique.


During the class you switch between bag work and floor work. A sequence of moves appears on the wall for each round while on the bag and you push yourself as hard as you can. On the floor, it’s a mix of high intensity moves like high knees or burpees and body weight movements like push-ups. Again, you go at your pace.


You can also pre order a protein shake at the bar to have ready straight after your class to get your protein intake 💪🏻


Do book your spot in advance on their website. You will also be required to pay £10 for wraps if you don’t have any as these are a necessity but once you have a pair this is a once off payment as you bring that pair with you to classes going forward.


Location: Kings Road, London


Price: £20 per class

Class Length: 60 mins


F45 – London Bridge 


I can’t lie, this was a tough workout! I went to the Hollywood class which consists of 25-30 exercises (and that’s just one round!) for 40 sec on and 20 sec off to move to the next station. In the class there is a mix of strength and cardio exercises from deadlifts, box jumps and battle ropes to sled pulls (torture).


This class is very popular and highly recommend booking it in advance to avoid disappointment. There was people of all fitness levels in the class and two trainers walking around during the class to ensure everybody had the right technique and to motivate people.


Location: 140 Borough High St, SE11LB SE1 1LB


Price: Frist class is free, £20 per class after that

Class Length: 60 minutes


Barry’s Bootcamp


Barry’s Bootcamp is a mixture of cardio and strength. If you’re not a fan of cardio and/or sprints this is not for you. The class is 60 mins and you rotate from the treadmill to the floor every 15 mins. The floor exercises are a mix of strength movements using dumbbells and cardiovascular moves such as burpees. For the treadmill, it’s a mix of sprints and resistance. This workout will definitely get you sweating!


They also have the option of pre ordering a protein shake to have waiting for you as soon as you finish the class.


Book your spot in advance!


Price: £20 per class

Class length: 60 minutes


Location: 163 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BH