So, I have discovered this amazing new service, Deliveroo. Deliveroo lets you order food from local restaurants who otherwise may not offer delivery.

As soon as I saw Keshk and Staple Foods on their list of restaurants I was sold. I love the idea of a take-away but not really into the typical idea of pizza and chips. I always wished there were more options when it came to a lazy weekend take away. Deliveroo has completely changed the whole concept of take aways, from being a weekend luxury, to an everyday acceptable thing to do.

I went to an event two weeks ago for Deliveroo which is how I discovered this amazing new service. At the event, Deliveroo ordered a mix of food from a number of their local restaurants they have teamed up with. I won’t lie I made sure to sample one of each at the event, just for you guys. The food was delicious and the setting was original just like the brand .

I love the fact that with this service there is now such a wide variety of places to choose from when it comes to getting a ‘take-away’. There is something on the list no matter what your in the mood for whether it’s Italian, Lebanese, fish and chips or donuts! There is also no excuse not to stay healthy with the likes of Staples Food, counter culture and chopped on their list!

They are also super quick too so when you get your order it’s still fresh and warm. From office to home, they have you sorted from forgetting your lunch to just being plan right lazy.