Dark Chocolate Orange Rice Krispy Buns

I was craving rice krispies buns one day and was on a mission to create some serious treat nostalgia. These vegan rice krispies taste the same as the good old version you made as a child with a tiny hint of adultness. I added an orange flavour to these to give them a little bit more umph, but you can add whatever you like. Some other options include. toasted nuts, coconut, freeze dried raspberry, dried fruit, mint etc.

Serves 10

Cooks in 15 Minutes


100g dark chocolate (I used @vivani_chocolate orange flavour, you could opt for sea salt or mint or whatever you want)
100g Rice Krispies

Extra 40g dark chocolate for drizzling
Zest of 1 orange for topping or toasted nuts etc.


Prepare 10 cupcake cases in a bun tray.
Start by melting the chocolate.
Tip the rice krispies into a large bowl and pour over the melted chocolate
Combine fully.
Spoon the mix into 10 bun cases (in a tin so they keep their shape).
Place the tray in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to let them set. Remove from the fridge when set and take out of the paper cases.
Drizzle with the dark chocolate topping and sprinkle over the orange zest.
Let the drizzle set before digging in.