Coppa Cafe

Setting a strong, original and notable impression is a hard job for any cafe shop especially in city centre Dublin. With so many new coffee shops popping up in every nook and cranny, one trying to be more hipster than the next, Coppa has done a remarkable job as a cafe in its infancy in establishing a great service matched with delicious fresh food. Already Coppa has a strong community and loyal customer base. Lodged in the RHA on Ely place ,it’s a haven for business people around the area to escape their hectic day and enjoy a lunch in a polar opposite world- a relaxed, calming & fun atmosphere just a few doors away.

If I could describe Coppa in a short synopsis it would be… original, fresh, quirky and leaves you satisfied, and thats not just the food thats the staff as well!If you go there once they will always remember you, the staff are charming, hard working and importantly, really into the food! The team are lead by the charismatic and ever dapper Italian stallion Feddie, charming, great cook and terrible singer.

I went to Coppa regularly, for their great coffee(one of the best in Dublin in my opinion & one of the cheapest take-outs),they use Badger & Dodo, Cork based coffee roasters! Many times admiring all the food ,I began becoming friends with the staff and soon realised their huge and similar love for food, learning about their fresh philosophy, healthy options & great price point, I had to plan lunch there, and now they keep my favourite dish everyday – the beef cheeks! Everything is made fresh on sight apart from the sweet stuff they’re made by Sandra Ellison….. she drops them in fresh everyday, and i can vouch for that, I meet her every morning!

* My recommendations; The toasted Porridge, coconut scone w/ strawberry white chocolate jam,Smoked Salmon & avocado pumpernickel sandwich, pulled pork sandwich & the homemade meatballs, also the fresh juice!

30 sec with the main man Feddie!

*FYI; Federico, born in Milan and raised in Rome. Left his home with his mamas meatballs recipe in tow & is now the owner of Coppa, which has turned Ely place into a little hot spot and created what can only be described as a constant buzz!


Favourite dish to cook?

If you could live on one type of cuisine for the rest of your life?

3 words to Describe Coppa?
Friendly, Fresh & inviting.

What would you recommend to a Coppa first timer?

  • Breakfast – the Smoked Salmon, avocado w/eggs
  • Sweet – the Gluten free orange cake w/ yogurt
  • Dinner/lunch – the slow cooked beef cheeks

Favourite thing about Coppa?
The customers ( you see….charming)

If you could eat anywhere else other than Coppa where would that be?
Coppinger Row

Most important thing about owning an eatery?
Seeing people leave happy and coming back excited!

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