Christmas Wishlist

It’s almost December so I think it’s acceptable to start talking about Christmas presents! Every year I promise myself I will be more organised and get all my Christmas shopping done sooner rather than later because let’s be honest leaving it to the last minute means spending more than you had planned or settling for whatever is left!

I decided to put a list together of the perfect Christmas wish list for foodies. I also have a lot of foodies in my family so this list is coming inn pretty handy for my planning too!

These are mostly products or brands I have, love and work with but some are also WANTS and hints for my family to get me as Christmas presents! 🙂


Vertuo Nespresso

For any coffee lovers in your life, this is a MUST-HAVE. The Vertuo offers coffee for large cups, with 20 different capsule options for coffee feens to enjoy, any way they like. Vertuo has a unique Centrifusion™ technology and a new range of capsule sizes that together allow for different coffee styles from espresso to a large cup.   There are 4 different serving sizes including Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml) and Espresso (40ml). Yes, all in one machine! If you’re friends or family already have a Nespresso machine, the cups are a great gift idea too.



(*I do work with Nespresso)


KITCHENAID Artisan Stand Mixer

Any lover of baking delicious treats would be delighted to find this under the tree. From someone who bakes a lot, a powerful mixer is a necessity! It comes in lots of different colours so you can match exactly to your kitchen decor! Mine’s a pistachio shade to go with the fridge of course…love it!

Kitchen Aid Mixer


TEFAL Steamer 3 Tier

I recently got this Tefal steamer and it’s made dinner time way easier for me. On days when I don’t have much time and I haven’t meal prepped I whip this out. Because it has 3 tiers means I can cook all my dinner in the one – so whatever fish I fancy, a selection of veg and sweet potato altogether. It also makes the wash up easier too which any foodies or parents will definitely appreciate.




Power Airfryer

Love fried food? Well now you can enjoy it without the guilt! The Air Fryer uses hot air technology and less oil and fat to cook healthier versions of your favourite fried foods quickly. With this air fryer you can grill, bake, sautee and roast all in one sleek and compact device. It makes epic sweet potato fries!



Power Airfryer


Stainless Steel Eco lunchbox

These guys are great, and I bring mine with me nearly every day for lunch. What I love about them is that they’re crafted from 100% high-quality, food-grade stainless steel meaning it doesn’t contact plastic and nontoxic. It has three different sections to keep food from mixing if needed but also works wonders for portion control 😉 They’re all dishwasher proof which is a big plus for me when buying things!





VonShef Electric Omelette Maker

I LOVE omelettes and when I’m not getting one in Honest to Goodness or the Fat Fox, I use my omelette maker to whip one up. This is a fool-proof route to the fluffiest, tastiest omelettes, and makes two plain or filled omelettes at once (so if you’re giving this to a loved one there is also the added benefit they can make an omelette for you too!) Eggscelent!



VonShef Electric Omelette Maker


Stocking Fillers


Chef’n Looseleaf Kale and Herb Stripper

Veggie enthusiasts will love this! I don’t actually have one of these yet but definitely going straight to buy one after coming across it. This little handy tool lets you strip greens like kale, thyme and rosemary from their stems in seconds. AMAZING!


Chef’n Looseleaf Kale and Herb Stripper

Keep Cup

I literally bring mine everywhere! It’s so handy for grabbing hot drinks (I even use mine for porridge sometimes when I want breakfast on the go). It’s also a fantastic way to keep personal waste reduction to a minimum. Plus, they come in lots of different colours to brighten up your day.

keep cup


Yogi Green Tea

I’ve gone through phases of trying to drink green tea and only until recently is it something I enjoy and drink daily now all because I started drinking Yogi green tea, it’s by far the nicest green tea I’ve tried. Some brands are too strong, and others taste of nothing where as this one I think has the perfect balance. So, if you’re friends or fam are green tea lovers or want to start drinking green tea pop some Yogi green tea into their stocking!



Yogi Green Tea


Pip & Nut Sachets 

Any foodie appreciates delicious nut butter! This is one of my favourite stocking filler ideas. The nut butter comes in sachets making it so easy to carry around (better than carrying a big tub) to enjoy at any time. Plus, the sachets mean you can’t go overboard with the quantity well, unless you carry around a few sachets just in case!


  • Where to buy: Local health store
  • Price: €2-3




Fulfil Selection Box

Who doesn’t love a selection box?! The guys in Fulfil came up with a genius idea of creating a Fulfil selection box. So, any gym and protein lovers out there will love to see this waiting under the tree for them.  You get to choose six of their favourite Fulfil Protein Bars to have in the selection box. My favs are the double white chocolate, triple chocolate, mint, chocolate orange, cookies and cream and peanut butter caramel…bliss!


(*I do work with Fulfil)