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Bonk Bars

For those of you who don’t know what the bonk is, welcome to the club! The bonk is a term I first heard when I started long distance cycling- the moment you lose all will to go on,
drained of energy and you hit the wall this is referred to as the bonk! I create these bars a
long time ago for triathlon training to avoid getting that cursed bonk and they seriously
work! They’re a high energy snack for busy bodies who need to be alert, energised and
pumped. It’s a super easy recipe and method check out how they’re made here. The base is almost a chewy light chocolate sponge with a crisp smooth layer of dark chocolate it will
become your new saviour snack indeed! I really hope you try these bars out- I even make
them for long day filming so I’m buzzing. If you recreate these don’t forget to let me know