Natural Born Feeder

Natural Born Feeder

Roz Purcell is one of Ireland’s most successful models and the 2010 winner of Miss Universe Ireland. Roz is no stranger to television audiences, she won Celebrity Come dine with Me (Ireland) in 2012, The Restaurant In 2015) and regularly appears on TV3’s Xpose.

Natural Born Feeder
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Find Adventure in LA

Find Adventure in LA

I hitted up LA with ASICS for the #findadventure campaign recently to try out their new range of runners. From doing triathlons, I’m a big fan of ASICS for running so, I was really excited to try their new range.


The two new runners ASICS gave us to try out was the fuzeX Rush and GEL-QUANTUM 360™ KNIT. They’re both really comfortable for running and stylish too (my sister has already stolen the fuzeX Rush on me!).


asics runners


As part of the trip, we all stepped into our ASICS and went running through downtown LA with members of the London-based SMSB Crew for ‘The Big Chase’. They brought us on running tour which included lots of theatrical scenes and unravelling clues to mysteries to add a fun element to the run. Some of the locations included the Roxie Theatre, Dutch Chocolate Shop and Bank Reserve Building.




As I’ve been focusing on strength training so much lately and doing HITT sessions I haven’t been doing much running so I was really really happy when they said the run would only be 5km :)  I got to meet some amazing people on the trip which made it even better.




When I’m travelling, I will always scout out places to eat and train in advance but I do always try to fit in at least one run when away as it’s such a great way to see a place especially if you run early in the morning and it’s nice and quiet and people are only just waking up.


During the trip I stayed in the ACE Hotel again (I stayed there at the start of the year too and love it!) and  during my free time from on the trip I decided to get in a few workout sessions in Training Mate – one of my favourite classes in LA!


I also met up with Donal Skehan during my trip for some serious egg porn! We checked out EggSlut. The menu is inspired by a true love for eggs and of course, eggs are the main ingredient for every dish. Being the ultimate foodies of course, we ordered pretty much everything on the menu and it was ALL amazing. Definitely check out this place if your visiting LA soon.



I can’t wait to get back to LA soon again for some more fun!


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